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Top 5 Beauty Tips for Outdoor Summer Festivals and Events

Here is my  top 5 Beauty Lessons Learned at Spring Carnival !

Hi girls! !Yesterday I gathered some of my closest friend and toddled on down to Stake Day, the last official ‘Spring Racing’ event . Spring Racing; if you hadn’t noticed, is a pretty big deal in Melbourne. It’s an excuse to frock-up, wear a funny hat and drink overpriced Yellowglen. In all seriousness, it can be a really fun event if you do it right! That being said Spring Racing is a veritable minefield of beauty disaster.

festival outfit

1. Fake tan is like vodka; the right amount gives you a warm glow but too much will equal hot mess! (please see the picture above for a perfect example of ‘hot mess.’)

Fake tan is called ‘fake’ because it doesn’t come from a natural source; not because it’s meant to look fake. Spring Racing is unfortunately going to be referred to as the Oompah Loompah festival from now on. If you want a more natural glow (more power to you) skip on down to David Jones and try out the San Tropez tanning mousse; it’s perfect for a non-orange shade of sun kissed.

2. Waterproof makeup is your saviour; this year’s Derby Day participants would testify to

Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable and Derby Day this year was afloat with anti-social weather. Stick to waterproof mascara and base products; that way you’ll be able to brave the torrential rain or sweltering heat without panda eyes.

3. Going bright? Go mattefestival makeup

If you’re planning on rocking out a bright lip (like my stunning friend Alex who got her Dita-on with Mac’s Ruby Woo) go for matte formulations as they’ll last much longer through all the sandwiches and champagne. Or alternatively try a lip stain.

4. Pedi-up!boho sandals

While the start of any race day is filled with glamour and style; come late afternoon when the last horse has crossed the finish line there is the journey home. At this point (and even much earlier; depending on how much champagne has been consumed) there are many bare-footed girls to be seen. Now; I don’t condone going barefoot for a second! However I understand that a day in towering heels is often very painful. Solution? Get a pedi and pack a pair of flat sandals for the trip home; it’s the end-of-day comfort you require minus the skank.

5. SPF is your friend; you’ll be thankful for it the next day

Sadly, I must admit to failing on this last lesson. Ever the conscious beauty blogger I lathered up spf on my face and neck but forgot the small bit of decolletage I had showing and my wrists and hands. Now I look like I’m wearing two red gloves and I have a very odd-shaped red patch on my chest… naughty blogger!festival look

A few  festival fashion  ideas  for your inspiration!2ffd708060b844ee74994302ca721b7c 2baf3447440d8210544dff7a5f812388cute festival outfit