In the lead up to October, I thought I”d put together my top 10 beauty staples. These are the things I use daily and if I was completely honest, I’d say something corny like “I can’t live without these products.

I’ve decided to participate in a month-long challenge called Buy Nothing New which runs for the month of October, when you don’t buy anything new for a whole month (food excluded obviously) to reduce waste and ultimately save a shitload of money. Also its really great for the environment because you’re not going to be throwing out as much.

But I decided to put my own spin on it and decided to do it but with my beauty products, also known as Project 10 Pan. For those who don’t know what Project 10 Pan is, its just this: You pick your top 10 go-to products and only stick with those ten items until they’re absolutely empty.
In my case, I’m going to be picking my top ten and sticking to them for the 31 days of October for the Buy Nothing New challenge. Goodness only knows I need to this, especially after how much I spent at Sydney IMATS. I can save some money and use up all my products instead of just half-finishing them. It will take a lot of will power, but I”m determined all in the name of the environment, my own discipline and to save some money.TOP 10 GO-TO PRODUCTS

Here are my TOP 10:01. M.A.C Pro Lipstick in ‘Full Fuchsia’
02. Too Faced Natural Eye palette
03. KORA Organics Purifying Day & Night Cream
04. Sodashi Rose Mist
05. Australis TLC mascara
06. Stila Smudge Stick in Stingray
07. Harajuku Lovers in ‘Love’
08. Australis Stay Put eyeliner in ‘Midnight’
09. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
10. Organix Shampoo & Conditioner in Pomegranate & Green Tea *

* I know I’m probably cheating, but I’m hoping that I’m allowed to have shampoo &conditioner as one product instead of two.

01. M.A.C Pro lipstick in ‘Full Fuchsia’
This is my all-time favourite lipstick and I’ve never found a shade that even comes close it it. Retails for about $36.00 (I really can’t recall if that’s the same price for Pro colours).

02. Too Faced Natural Eye palette
I got mine from Kit Cosmetics and I just can’t for the life of me remember how much I paid for it. My day job expects very neutral makeup, so this palette started off my obsession with matte neutrals. I use the ‘Velvet Revolver’ and ‘Sexspresso’ on most days. I do like the ‘Silk Teddy’ for the highlight and for the inner corners of the eyes.

03. KORA Organics Purifying Day & NIght Cream
Quite possibly the best cream I have ever bought in my life! It smells like fresh citrus (grapefruit and mandarin) and leaves the skin silky smooth and fresh. It doesn’t have that greasy oily feeling after you’ve applied it which instantly turns me off a face cream all together. It’s also certified organic, cruelty-free and some products are also vegan.
KORA Organic Skincare can be found in David Jones and from KORAOrganics.COM.

04. Sodashi Calming Rose Mist
Has a super fine spray and has the fresh smell of roses without it being overbearing. I use this before I put the KORA Purifying Day & Night Cream just to tone my skin a little. It is a little on the expensive side, but I think its well worth it because you don’t use a lot of it. It also doesn’t contain any animal products and cruelty-free. Sodashi was the first ever brand that made me open my eyes to cruelty-free and made me steer clear from brands that do. So, THANK YOU SODASHI! Sodashi can be found in David Jones is around $77.00.

05. Australis TLC Mascara
To be completely honest I’ve had/seen better mascaras but this mascara still works either way. The only thing I don’t like it is the actual brush itself. I know a lot of girls who prefer the actual brush, I don’t. I like the plastic one because I find that it defines my lashes better.
Australis can be found at Priceline for around $15.

06. Stila Smudgestick in ‘Stingray’
Probably the most amazing eyeliner ever made because its the only one I can apply on my waterline and it will stay there all day. But true to its name, it does smudge a little and from time to time it will end up in places around your eye than your waterline, but its easy to just wipe off.
Stila can be found at MECCA Cosmetica for $42.00.

07. Harajuku Lovers in ‘Love’
I’m a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and ever since her L fragrance came out, I’ve been a fan of that also. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into her Harajuku Lovers fragrances but I’m so glad I did. My favourite is definitely ‘Love’. It smells sexy, fresh and clean. Which probably is every essence of LOVE. I bought Harajuku Lovers from Priceline and at the time it was on sale for $29.00. Since then I’ve seen them there for $59.00, which is a little steep for something thats EDT.

08. Australis Stay Put eyeliner in ‘Midnight’
Unlike the Smudgestick, I use this for the winged eyeliner. I just find that with the Smudgestick it works better on my waterliner and the Stay Put liner can be controlled better on the top lashes.
Found at Priceline for around $11.

09. Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I don’t know how I lived before Too Faced Shadow Insurance. For those who use it regularly, you know that yo don’t need a lot of it, just a few drops on each eyelid and it lasts all day.
I can’t remember how much I bought it for, but I got it from Kit Cosmetics. The tube may look small but it will last you absolutely FOREVER! The one pictured above is about 3 months old and its not even half empty yet.

10. Organix Shampoo & Conditioner in Pomegranate & Green Tea
If anyone who have ever picked one of these shampoos from the shelves and smelled it you’d know that these are extremely fragrant. Not only in the bottles, but even after you”ve washed your hair.
I bought these for about $16 from Priceline, but I’ve seen them in Coles and Woolies also for roughly around the same price.

So, those are my top 10 products.

Coming up will my month long challenge using my top 10. Stay tuned for that!

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