Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette Review, Swatches

The holidays are the perfect time of year to stock up on makeup products because a lot of companies offer gift sets which include multiple products for a great price. I always pick up at least one every year because they’re such a bargain. The first palette I picked up this year is the Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette which is a beautiful palette that is loaded with some of their best makeup products for the fantastic price of $52!

Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette

It comes in a beautiful elegant pink tin box and while I love how it looks it feels a little cheap, but it does seem pretty sturdy so that’s a a big plus.

As soon as you open it a palette of 16 eye shadows greets you, a mix of matte, sparkly, and shimmery shades are included. Lift the small ribbons attached to the eye shadow palette and they pop right out revealing a full size tube of Too Face Eye Shadow Insurance, two half moon pans of bronzer and blush, a small round pan of their candlelight glow powder, three look cards, and a double sided eye brush/applicator. It has a perfect mix of everything, but I would have preferred maybe a mini kabuki brush for the face products, or maybe a lip gloss instead of the cards. You can figure them out but they are hardly helpful and a makeup clueless friend had no idea what they meant at all or how to apply the products listed.
Sweet Indulgences Palette by too face Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette Review-3
The eye shadows are all highly pigmented and super soft, there is a bit of fall out due to the soft texture, it’s nothing to be bothered about. My favorite thing about this palette was they included a nice mix of color shades that work well with each other unlike their smaller palette where the colors all seem to be in the same color family. The biggest downfall of this palette is the lack of matte colors (Too much shimmer and your eyes glow in pictures!) and that they included TEN colors from last year’s Sweet Dreams Holiday palette so if you have that one this one might not be worth it to you.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette Review
The first row of shades includes the colors In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Marshmallow, and Lovey Dovey. The first three colors make excellent highlights with the perfect amount of shimmer and sparkle. Peach Fuzz is more sparkle than shimmer and the glitter is pretty chunky, its my least favorite color in the whole palette. In the buff is my go to blending color because it’s light enough to offer a soft blend but can be layered for a really bright look. In the swatch the light colors are double layered so you can see the color better.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette-Swatches
In the Buff, Peach Fuzz, Marshmallow, Lovey Dovey
The second row of shades includes the colors Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Gum Drop, and Malted Milk Ball. Copper Peony is a beautiful rich copper color, the exact color of a new penny that works in a variety of looks along with Teddy Bear which is the only matte color in the bunch, its a beautiful soft brown and actually works with many of the colors in the palette. Gum Drop is a shimmery metallic looking pink, its one of my favorite shades it can go on sheer and be layered, or applied over a white base for a really bright look. Malted Milk Ball is a beautiful taupe color that actually resembles the inside of a malted milk ball only with a metallic sheen to it.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette-Swatches-2
Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Gum Drop, Malted Milk Ball
Next is Satin Sheets, Nice Stems, Nice Ash, and Cherry Cola. Satin Sheets is an interesting shade of light pink but with a golden greenish shimmer to it it’s a unique color and is perfect for a variety of looks. Nice stems is a light green frost color with a beautiful golden sheen embedding throughout. Nice Ash is a smokey gunmetal color with silver sheen, its pretty dark and perfect for a smokey eye look. Cherry Cola is beautiful dark red brown with burgundy and gold glitter throughout, its my favorite color in this palette and when fully blended out it offers a matte look.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette-Swatches-3
Satin Sheets, Nice Stems, Nice Ash, Cherry Cola
The last row of shadows in this palette include the colors Honeymoon, Pastille, Cop a Teal, and Black Sugar. Honeymoon is a khaki golden metallic color that I haven’t used much yet but it photographs beautifully. Pastille is another interesting color, it looks emerald green in the pan but applies as a dark black based green with glitter. Cop a Teal is not teal at all, in fact its a rich, beautiful, jewel toned blue with a teal metallic sheen. Black Sugar is just a matte black color with multi-colored sparkle/glitter throughout.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette-Swatches-4
Honeymoon, Pastille, Cop a Teal, Black Sugar
The other offerings in this palette include 2 blushes and bronzers and a single highlighter powder, these are all beautiful colors that I can see working on a variety of skin tones. My favorite things about this section is all the colors are very bright but apply sheer, as someone who only needs a light layer of blush this is a blessing! I have finally found some blush I can wear that doesn’t go on too bright and leave me feeling clownish. The La Vie en Rose color is a bright pink color that looks scary in the package but it goes on a light shimmery pink, the Papa don’t Peach color is a peach color that is also full of shimmer but it is very light and both colors offer your skin a pretty glow. The bronzers are exactly what I expected, I wish one was matte but they both have shimmer in them so I don’t use them too often but the Sun Bunny Light color is more of a copper and the Exclusive Bronzer is a beautiful tan color that leaves your skin a golden tan, it is labeled as a matte bronzer but it does have shimmer in it. The Candelight Glow highlighter is a beautiful champagne color highlight that can be used anywhere you want to highlight, it has a golden sheen to it and is really subtle but a little bit is all you need! The swatches below are all one layer so you can see how beautifully natural they go on, but if you need more color they all layer easily over each other.
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette-Swatches-5
Exclusive Bronzer, Sun Bunny Light, La Vie en Rose Blush, Papa don’t Peach, Candlelight Glow
Last but not least there is a double ended eye shadow brush, with a sponge applicator on one side and their famous “Teddy Bear Hair” brush on the other end. I feel the sponge tip was a cop out, I would rather have one regular brush that a double ended on that is cheap on one side and nice on the other. The eye shadow primer is one of my favorites of all time and retails for $20 on its own and is what sold me on this palette. (I went in for the eye shadow primer and left with this lol)
Too Face Sweet Indulgences Palette Review-3
If you are on a budget and want some bang for your buck I definitely recommend splurging on this palette! I forgot to wear primer one day because I was only experimenting with the colors and they lasted a full day! I did have some creasing after about 6 hours but I was amazingly impressed with this palette on that alone. I hate when companies lower the quality of their products to load them up in palettes for a good price *cough* Tarte *cough*. Too Face doesn’t do that and you can tell, the only complaint I have is the colors often repeat in their palettes but since last year’s palette was sold out quickly I am glad I was able to grab this one. I have done a few looks with this palette and if you want to see them make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see them all!

This palette is exclusive to Sephora and you can purchase it from their website.

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