Tips on How to Make a New Wardrobe

Are there days when you open your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” While that’s not exactly true (I’m sure your cabinet has heap loads of outfits,) there will be times when you can’t seem to create a fresh look with your existing clothes. And when this happens, worry not as you can always follow these tips on how to make a new wardrobe.

Dress Backwards

Think that your button-down top is just too generic? Instead of wearing it as is, one of the ways on how to make a new wardrobe is to wear it in reverse. While it’s perfect for casual day-outs, you can wear the backward button-down top at work as well. It’s just a matter of styling your outfit in a chic yet professional manner.

reverse striped top

reverse button-down shirt

Fancify your Sweater

A sweater is usually worn with pants or a pencil skirt. While classic, any of these fashion equations can be all too boring. If you want to know how to make a new wardrobe, then you should be ready to shake things up! With that being said, avoid the usual looks and wear your sweater with a flirty pleated skirt or a lacy one. The match-up between the classic sweater and the feminine bottom will greatly shake your office #OOTD.

sweater and skirt outfit sweater and unique skirt

Layer your Evening Top

Love a certain evening top, but have only worn it once? Even if it’s bright as day outside, you can still wear your formal top! What you need to do is wear it over a shirt, a long-sleeve blouse, or a turtleneck top. In fact, this is one of the ways where you can look formal even if you’re wearing your simple white shirt and black leggings.

crop top layered outfit bralet over too

Just the Suit Jacket

Is your suit jacket too boring for words? Instead of wearing it the same way, one of the techniques on how to make a new wardrobe is to wear JUST your suit jacket. No need for button-down tops, camisoles or shirts underneath. Wear it all alone and I’m sure that you’ll draw the gasps of your officemates – even your bosses!

pink suit jacket white suit jacket

Wear Your Overalls in Half

The overalls are given the name for a reason – they are worn over all. But if this just looks too childish for you, you can wear just the pants – and let the top hang loose. This is one of best ways on how to make a new wardrobe, especially if you are tired of your usual trousers, pants, or leggings.

cara delevingne overals half worn overalls

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