Tips for Wearing Animal Print

Animal prints are one of those prints you can wear all year long. Investing in animal print clothing is actually a wise idea because it never goes out of style. You may not see a lot of animal prints for summer but they’re definitely always there. I know a lot of women who love wearing animal print clothes and accessories because, according to them, the print makes them look and feel sexier, as if unleashing their inner vixen and it’s true. Animal print is one of the sexiest prints out there that you can rock whenever you or your outfit needs a pick-me-up. Here are some tip for wearing animal prints so you can rock them like a pro!

  • Consider the size of the print – when wearing animal print or any other kind of print, remember that the size of the print matters, especially if you’re using prints to emphasize assets and conceal flaws. Size also plays a key role in the mixing, matching and layering of your outfit when wearing animal prints. In general, it’s good to remember that smaller animal prints are great for mixing and matching while bigger prints are perfect if you want something that can stand out alone on their own.

black and white animal print

cute animal print top

  • Keep it tame – just because you’re wearing animal print doesn’t mean your outfit has to be wild and all over the place as well. Animal print clothes can look sexy and flattering only when worn correctly. Mixing and matching two different animal prints is definitely acceptable but make sure that both animal prints you are using complement each other well. if you’re wearing a loud and bold animal print piece, make sure to tone it down a bit with some neutral pieces.

neutral animal print outfit animal print and neutrals

  • Bring on the color – most animal prints clothes come in neutral colors – cheetah and leopard prints come in brown and black, zebra print comes in black and white and so on. Because of this, an outfit with just animal prints and solid neutral pieces tend to look boring. Prevent this from happening by adding a pop of color to your outfit. it could be a bright shirt paired with an animal print skirt or a cute and colorful purse to go with a sexy animal print dress. Whatever it is, make sure you have it on, even if it’s just subtle, so your outfit remains exciting.

red full skirt teal pop of color

  • Accessorize in animal print – if you think wearing animal print clothing is too wild and too much for your simple style palette, a really good way to get the print mixed into your look is to accessorize with it. Wear animal print shoes, carry an animal print purse, tie an animal print scarf around your neck, use an animal print belt – these are just some of the ways to incorporate the animal print in your look without wearing it on your clothes.

awsome animal print tote animal print scarf

  • Mix it with other prints – on the other hand, if you’re the kind who likes adventures and risks when it comes to fashion, why not do a print on print outfit featuring animal prints and another print like stripes, florals or polka dots? It’s challenging but super rewarding when you get the combo right.

stripes and animal print print on print up close

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