Tips for Rocking Nude Lips Like a Pro

We’ve all seen the bright orange lip that’s all the rage for spring and summer and while we love how bold that lip color is, you have to admit, there are just days when you don’t feel like wearing something as bright and bold at all. No matter how much you love experimenting with different makeup looks, there will always be a time when you’ll just want something simple, light and natural for makeup and that’s where nude lipsticks come in handy. Rocking a nude lip is super easy, anyone can do it. Here are some tips on rocking nude lips like a pro.

  • Soft and smooth is key – the key to looking great with nude lips is to make sure that your lips are soft and smooth before you put your lipstick on. you can achieve this by exfoliating your lips and putting on some lip balm to moisturize them. This would ensure you that your lipstick  or lip stain goes on your lips smoothly and won’t look patchy when applied. It would also help if you choose a lipstick with a creamy formula or one that moisturizes your lips while it’s on.

glossy nude lips nude lips demi lovato


  • Choose the perfect shade – a lot of women think that wearing nude lips means wearing lipstick colors that are beige-based and while there are lots of women who can pull off such colors, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Wearing nude lips means wearing a lipstick color that comes closest to the natural color of your lips. It can be a light pink color, soft rose, sheer red or whatever color looks most like that of your lips.

heavy eye makeup smoky eye and nude lips

  • Work dramatic eyes – one advantage of wearing nude lips is that you can get away with a heavy and dramatic eye makeup so make the most out of it and go ahead, work dramatic eyes. Do a bold smoky eye and glossy nude lips for a sexy look that’s perfect for a night out with your man or with your friends or get creative and slap some bright colors on to your eyes along with nude lips for a cute summery makeup look.

dramatic lashes and nude lips sexy dramatic eyes

  • Do neutral looks – if you’re not a fan of dark, heavy and bold makeup, though, don’t worry. You can still rock a nude lip with a less dramatic and more natural look. Use earth toned colors along with a nude lip for a wearable everyday look.

simple and natural look nude lips on candice s


  • Tips for the pale – if you have pale skin, make sure you get a bit more color on to your face when wearing nude lips so that you don’t look too washed out. A good blush on your cheeks or a little bit of natural eye makeup is often enough. You can also do colored eye liner on your eyes to get a nice pop of color going. A strong contour with nude lips is another way to get some color on your face and it’s perfect if you want a fierce and nicely structured look.

pale skin nude lips dewy makeup and nude lips

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