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Tips for Getting the Perfect Beach Babe Look

Summer is almost over so why not make the best out of what remains? We all know we can’t always be chillin’ at the beach every day this summer because we have other stuff to do and take care of but wouldn’t it be nice if you could look the part? I mean how cool would it be, seriously, if you could look like you just got back from the beach every single day even if you were nowhere near it? I think it’s a great idea. I think everyone loves the way they look after a day of fun under the sun so why not recreate that for your everyday looks? Here are some tips for getting the perfect beach babe look to get your started.

  • Gorgeous tan – one of the best things about spending a full day at the beach is that you get some gorgeous color on your skin. If you can’t or just don’t want to be out in the sun all day to get your tan on, though, there are plenty of other options to fake it. Self tanning at home, using makeup and getting a fake tan done by a pro are just some of the most accessible and affordable options. Make sure to get your fake tan look as naturally as possible. Click here if you need some help with that.

tan on tan look

perfect summer tan classy outfit with tan skin

  • Sun bleached hair – if you’re someone who regularly has their hair dyed, I’m pretty sure you like lightening your color down a little bit for summer. If you want to go for the beach babe look, though, feel free to lighten your hair color all the way to get that sun bleached look. You can even go for an ombre if you feel like it – it just gives you hair more of that beachy, summery look.

sun bleached beach babe hair beach waves hair lea michele sun bleached ombre

  • Surfer girl hair – can’t decide on a hairstyle to wear for the day? If you’re okay with just letting your hair down, you can go for the surfer girl hairstyle. It’s nothing special, really. All it takes to get the look is to give your hair a bit of texture and volume so it looks like what your hair would look like at the beach after you go in for a dip. Texturizing salt sprays are everywhere today and you can get them at an affordable price. Just spritz a generous amount on your hair, tousle it around with a bit of styling mousse or gel and you’re done!

wavy sun bleached hair sea salt hair texturized beach hair look

  • Natural look – as for makeup, there’s really no need for a lot. You don’t really wear makeup to the beach so there’s no reason to do so if you’re trying to get that beach babe look. Since you’ll be on your everyday ordinary routine, though, using a little just to enhance your natural beauty and hide some flaws is okay. If there’s one thing you should skip, it’s doing your brows. And then, a bit of tinted moisturized, concealer, powder, and blush should do the trick but you can also swipe on a gorgeous lip color and open up your peepers with eyeliner if you want.

summer makeup look natural beach makeup look beach makeup look