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Time Saving Beauty Tricks

No matter how much you’ve mastered your everyday makeup routine, there will still be days when you find yourself with literally no time at all to do the full look properly without sacrificing or skipping a step or two. It could be because of sleeping in after an exhausting night, waking up late because of cozy bed weather, not being able to move around quick enough because you’re sick or what not but that doesn’t mean that you always have to look less gorgeous on these days. When you find yourself with less than half the time you usually need to do your full makeup routine, remember that there are things you can do to still get the same beautiful look. Here are some time saving beauty tricks that you can use on those days.

  • Reach for your do-it-all palette – we all have that one palette that gets the job done for us, from eyes to lips and even the whole face. Even if you prefer to use separate items on regular days, don’t stash this palette to the back of your vanity because it will surely come in handy on days when you’re in a rush. You get to skip opening and closing pots and pans and rummaging through your makeup collection for certain things because all you need is in one palette. If you don’t have a palette like this, it’s time to get one! You can also customize your own by depotting your favorites and transferring them to a Z-palette.

too faced do it all palette

back to school makeup customizable do it all palette

  • Use dual ended brushes – another really tricky thing that takes up more time in your regular makeup routine is switching between brushes so make sure you have a good set of dual ended brushes featuring the most basic ones that you use.

dry shampoo on hair dual ended brushes classic liner and lip makeup

  • Use Vaseline – Vaseline is not just a money saver but a time saver as well! It’s that one product you should always have in your vanity so you can easily reach for it when the need arises (and need is going to arise quite often, I tell you). Put a little bit on your lids to give matte shadows a subtle sheen, dab some on your lips before putting on lipstick so the products wont flake or get feathery in case you forgot to exfoliate, use it to tame baby hairs sticking out of a sleek ‘do – there are so many ways to use Vaseline to save time and money.

vaseline fuss free makeup look natural looking makeup

  • Hot rollers before makeup – if your hair is starting to look limp and lifeless, a bit of curls or waves just might do the trick and give it a bit more volume and body for the day. Using a curling wand takes time so I would suggest using hot rollers first and then do your makeup while you let it sit. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes and you should have fab hair and makeup at the same time!

ombre waves earthy everyday eye makeup hair from hot rollers

  • Dry shampoo –  hair feeling dirty and greasy but all out of time to wash up? Section off your hair and spray a generous amount of dry shampoo on to absorb the oils and get rid of the dirt and get more volume for your hair.

gorgeous everyday makeup asian flawless makeup fast makeup look

  • Use multi-tasking products – another really cool way to save time while doing your makeup and beauty routine is to use multi-tasking products. Lip and cheek tint, highlighting concealer, mattifying setting powder, mystifying setting spray – these are just some of the products that do more than one job to give you fabulous looks in half the time.

simple natural makeup look quick flawless makeup neutral makeup look