Things You Can Buy From the Men’s Department that You’ll Actually Wear

Being a girl has its perks and disadvantages. For one, shopping is much more fun because women’s style and fashion is more varied compared to men’s and there are more style, prints, patterns, colors and designs to choose from but it’s much more expensive as well. There are some things that we women wear that would cost us less if we got it from the men’s department. Don’t believe this? Here are some things that you can buy from the men’s department that you’ll actually wear. Of course, you’ll have to consider sizing when buying from the men’s department. A women’s small is not going to be the same as a men’s small.

  • BOYFRIEND JEANS – they ARE called boyfriend jeans so why not get them where your boyfriend get them from: the men’s department. Most boyfriend jeans will cost more than regular women’s jeans but if you go to the men’s department, you’ll see that they cost less and some would even look better since they’ll be naturally looser and slouchier.

boyfriend jeans loose

boyfriend jeans winter outfit boyfriend jeans lightwash

  • BUTTON UP SHIRT – if you’re looking for a more structured button up that will give you that boxy look to make your outfit less girly but still chic, grab a button up shirt from the men’s department. Men’s button ups often tend to be more structured while women’s are more laidback and easy. Looking for a shirt dress? Get one that’s slightly oversized then primp it up with a pretty belt and a cute coat.

button up shirt blue and white stripes button up shirt colorful pattern print button up shirt crisp white

  • OVERSIZED SWEATER – oversized sweaters are all the rage during winter time and if you find those sweaters in the ladies’ department too expensive (they use up more fabric compared to regular ladies’ sweaters, after all), head over to the men’s department and take your pick! You can get them at regular price and still get that oversized look.

oversized gray sweater oversized sweater and jeans oversized sweater outfit

  • SCARVES – unless you’re looking for a scarf with ultra girly print designs on it, you can simply head on over to the men’s department to get yourself one instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a name brand one that’s marketed especially for the ladies. Men’s scarves keep you just as warm as ladies’ scarves, you know.

stripes scarf in red plaid scarf with fringe

  • PLAIN JUMPERS – need a new jumper for lounging around? Go to the menswear department and you’ll find the comfiest lounging around sweater you’ll ever find (and at a great price, too!). Men’s jumpers are going to be a little bit bigger and chunkier so they’re perfect for cozying up.

plain black and white jumper plain blue sweater outfit plain brown jumper and printed pants

  • THE LITTLE (generic)THINGS – you know how those little things like socks, beanies and whatnot that you throw into your cart suddenly add up and you realize how expensive they are just because they have some celebrity’s name or face on the tag? Why not buy those from the men’s department? They’re going to cost you less, for sure!

cute winter outfit christmas socks and sweater gray beanie plain

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