The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Mules

Easy to put on and take off, mules are some of the footwear that defies trends and tastes. Mules evolved from the European patten, which was a wooden sole that was strapped on over regular thin-soled shoes elevating the feet up off and keeping the shoes clean and dry. This practice began in the Middle Ages and continued until the early 20th century. Nowadays, mules have evolved into stylish and functional footwear that will make you comfortable and effortless. With so many choices among mules, you might want a little help in selecting the right style for your needs.

Go for a style that’s fashionable and functional.

jewelled mules with cold shoulder blouse and shorts

vintage black shift dress with trendy mules tropical print off shoulder dress with orange mules statement mules with urban minimalist outfit

Mules can be stepped into and removed easily, as the foot simply slides in and out of the shoe. Nowadays, you may opt for mules with embellished details or avant-garde heels to dress up your simple outfits. There are also mules with open toes that will keep you more comfortable and breezy in warmer months. As with most shoes, mule uppers are mostly made of leather or fabric which is suitable for work and play, depending on the material and overall design of the shoes. Mules may resemble any traditional shoes with backs, including loafers.

Trade your sneakers and strappy flats with mules for your casual street style.

asymmetric mules with bell sleeved top and jeans distressed jeans with black blazer and flat mules bomber jacket with all black outfit and cap toe mules backpack with mules and casual outfit

A mule is perfect for casual situations where one might want to slip shoes on and off frequently. Mules with heels, asymmetric vamp, cap-toe style, and flat soles are great to make your casual outfits stylish and cool.  One of the best casual mules is the sneaker mule, which provides the comfort and cushioning of an athletic shoe with the ease of a slide. However, these shoes are not appropriate for most true athletic activities, as the feet could easily slide out of the shoes with any activity beyond walking.

Make your office looks more comfortable with mules.

mustard top with mules and white pants all black outfit with mules navy dress with brown mules

If you’re working in an office that doesn’t demand classic black pumps, mules can be a great option for you. Mules are great with uniforms like in the hospital, nursing home, and veterinary settings, while dressier mules are great in the office because they provide both comfort and style. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, make your pair of mules complement your office dress by matching it with the color of your belt. Also, many kitten heels fall under the category of mules and look terrific with suits in the office.

Trade your stiletto pumps with high-heeled mules perfect for dressy occasions.

yellow scarf with cut out dress and mules statement sunglasses with shirt dress and mules pink mules with chic outfit leather shift dress with mules crop top with skirt and architectural mules

Apart from stiletto pumps, high-heeled mules make sexy evening shoes as slides lengthen the legs because they leave the ankle bare. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, go for a pair of architectural mules that will look perfect with your mesh or cut-out dresses and skirts. Indeed, the style options for mules are truly endless, so have your pick and look fashionable and effortless on your street style.

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