The Ultimate Guide for the Perfect Woman’s Suit

A business suit is one of the essential you might have if you’re working in a conservative office. Apart from being an office uniform, suits can be restyled for casual chic looks and weekend styles. So, keep on reading for the ultimate guide for the perfect woman’s suit so you’ll get the most out of your fashion staple.

Be stylishly prepared for situations that call for a suit.

blazer with wide belt and skinny jeans

statement necklace with bralette and blazer gray business suit with coat cobalt blue suit with color blocked wedges

Traditionally, business environments and job interviews require professionalism, and a woman looking for a job in a conservative field such as law, accounting, or investment banking should consider wearing a suit to her interview. Also, some women that work in environments that require employees to wear business casual, smart casual, or business attire should opt for a professional suit. Apart from workplaces, some women’s suits are so fancy that you can wear them for formal occasions or parties. However, a women’s suit with a miniskirt is never acceptable in an interview, but that kind of suit may be the perfect thing for a party as well as a jacket without camisole or shirt. Remember, a job interview is not the time to flaunt a bright red suit with big gold buttons as a woman should wear a demure, conservative suit that makes absolutely no statement.

Resort to a type of suit that flatters your shape and personality.

black suit dress white suit with metallic silver sandals striped top with business suit pink blouse with leopard print suit

Since women’s suits come in three different styles such as dress suit, pantsuit, and skirt suit pick the style that flatters your shape and personality. A dress suit is basically composed of a dress and a jacket for where you don’t need to wear a shirt. On the other hand, pantsuit is composed of a pair of pants and a jacket for where you need to wear a top underneath the jacket. Skirt suit is composed of a skirt and a jacket for where the hemline traditionally falls on the knees. Many women prefer wearing pantsuits so that they don’t have to worry about their skirt flying up accidentally, and there is never a need to wear pantyhose.

Go for a perfect fit.

burgundy suit and pants red peplum blazer suit with red straight leg pants pinstripe suit with architectural pants and loafers electric blue suit and pants

Whether you’re buying a suit off the racks or having a suit tailored, always go for a perfect fit. Generally, pants can be short enough to be worn with flats or long enough to be worn with heels, but few pairs of pants are the right length to be worn with both heels and flats. On the other hand, some skirt has slits that show off the leg while other slits have a kick pleat that provides coverage. Also, pay attention on your jacket whether you like single-breasted or double-breasted, as well as sleeve length and pocket styles. For instance, a flap pocket is a pocket that has a piece of fabric that covers the opening of the pocket while a slit pocket does not have anything covering the opening of the pocket, and some besom pockets are more decorative than functional.

Pick the flattering colors and prints, as well as suitable fabrics of your suit.      

yellow suit with ankle strap sandals sexy red blazer with trousers modern suit and pants leather trousers with blazer and pussy bow blouse

Depending on where you plan to wear your suit, you can go for feminine prints, punchy colors, and neutral shades. Since your suit’s comfort relies on the fabric, go for ones that will serve you well. For instance, women’s polyester suits are great because they don’t shrink or wrinkle, while cotton suits are light and comfortable. Wool suits are durable while tweed suits are very thick and warm commonly used in winter. For a stylish pick, think of a sharkskin suit that’s usually made from rayon or acetate that tends to give off a shimmering effect. For a breezy style in the summer, think of linen suits that are light, moisture resistant, and are prone to wrinkling. Also, some suits may be made from fabrics not commonly used for them, such as satin or velvet, and they may feature stylish and unusual cuts not commonly seen in suits worn for work-related purposes.

By heeding these guides, you’ll be able to make a bold statement with women suits on your business related activities to your casual chic street looks.

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