The Ultimate Guide for Selecting “Expensive-Looking” Shoes

You don’t have to splurge on a pair of designer shoes just to look expensive on your style as a pair of expensive shoes can even look cheap if it doesn’t have a classic and neat design. The key is to know what makes a shoe look expensive or cheap so keep on reading to learn the secrets of “expensive-looking” shoes.

  1. Choose non-platform heels over platform shoes.

brown pumps with classic outfit

classic pastel pumps with casual chic outfit classic office dress with sling shoes

Though stiletto heels can add some inches to your frame, keep in mind that high platforms can make the overall look cheap, especially in the case of a hidden platform, which often ends up looking more like a hoof with a high heel on the back than the actual shoes. Shoes without any platform tend to look the chicest and most sophisticated. However, they also tend to be super uncomfortable since the weight is concentrated on your toes. For a great trick, look for shoes with smaller platforms like about half an inch or less that can be more comfortable and expensive-looking at the same time.

  1. Select clean, classic shapes over embellished ones.

nude pumps with military jumpsuit winter white dress with statement shoes structured blazer and strappy sandals with harem pants leopard print bag and pumps with bllack lace dress

Though statement shoes can dress up your outfit, studs and embellishments can make your shoes cheap. If you are into animal print, choose a shoe with one all-over print including the heels instead of a shoe that mixes a bunch of different textures and colors. Also, metal hardware like buckles, studs, and zippers can completely ruin an otherwise decent pair of shoes. So better choose a clean, classic shape in the color you like, instead of one with a bunch of extras all over it.

  1. Take “less is more” approach.

statement translusent heeled boots with black dress white shoes with mixed prints palm print shirt dress with strappy sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of faux leather boots, better opt for ankle boots or booties to look more real since it’s really hard to find faux leather that looks and feels like the real thing as the more of it there is, the more obvious it is that it is fake. Just save up to buy real leather another time.

  1. Keep your patent leather shoes neutral and your bold-colored shoes suede.

black patent leather pumps with casual chic outfit turquoise pumps with hot pink trousers and leather top red suede pumps with printed skirt

Though neutral shades look timeless and elegant, they look more expensive in glossy textiles like leather and patent leather over suede that easily scuffs. Flat or patent leather looks great in black, white, and tan, but it can start to look really gross really quickly in saturated colors like green, cobalt blue, hot pink, and dark brown. On the other hand, if you want to make your bold-colored shoes look expensive, stick to suede as suede holds color really well, and faux suede looks almost exactly like the real thing.

  1. Walk in them gracefully.

black patent pumps with sexy slit dress white classic pumps with parisian outfit pastel coat with classic pumps

Always opt for heels that you feel comfortable to walk in as wobbling around on a pair of too-high heels never looked great no matter how much your shoes cost. If you’re not good at walking in high heels, resort to a lower and sturdier heel that will create a more balanced posture and will give you more poise.

  1. Always opt for a neat pair of shoes with a great fit.

black pumps with casual chic outfit pastel orange full skirt with white top red pumps with casual chic outfit

An ill-fitting and worn out shoes affects the way you walk and carry yourself. No matter how gorgeous a shoe is, if the fit is not perfect, don’t buy them. But if you notice that your heels or the soles of your shoes are wearing out, and the scuffs on suede becoming more obvious, better opt for a new pair of shoes. By heeding these tricks, you’ll make your overall look expensive with just a pair of right shoes.

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