The Ultimate Foundation of a Great Style

Unless you get the foundations right, the entire structure is going to be shaky. A lot of women who ignore the foundations when putting together outfits, find their looks not-so-great and classy. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a designer outfit if you don’t have the right foundation it will always end up baggy. So, keep on reading to learn the foundation of a great style.

Get the right fit.



It’s estimated that 80% of women are not wearing the right size of clothes. Getting one size smaller will shed those unwanted pounds you have from an ill-fitting and oversized dress. You have to disregard the number on the label and focus on the fit. Think of the sleeves, waistline, neckline, and even hemline when wearing a dress. Also, your pants should not be too tight or too loose at the waistband and the legs should be comfortable enough to move in. If you have a lot of ill-fitting clothes, simply take it to a tailor to alter it for you.

Go for figure-flattering underwear.

sexy-bandeau-with-black-mesh-maxi-dress chic-swimwear-with-coverup bralette-with-sexy-tank-top-and-frayed-shorts

Apart from the bonus of looking better under your clothes, well fitting underwear is comfortable and will give you some confidence as you’re emotionally comfortable knowing your clothes fit well. You can bluff a lot of other things in your wardrobe but if the basic building blocks are not right then you’re just going to look frumpy. Just like with clothes the shape of your body will determine the type of underwear you need. Just take the time to have a look and see if your bra is fitting properly and if it isn’t, take the time to find out your size.

Dress for your body type.

boxy-top-with-midi-lace-skirt polka-dots-maxi-dress-with-sun-hat sheer-top-with-high-waist-studded-shorts-and-espadrilles

Depending on your body type, your clothes may bring out the best in you. Though a pair of high-waist shorts can be universally flattering, some fashion pieces tend to flatter specific body types. If you have a straight figure without defined waist, you may opt for a boxy top and a full skirt like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic did. However, if you have an hourglass shape, those pieces may not be flattering for you compared to a form-fitting dress that hugs your curves. Also, a form-fitting dress will only highlight how straight the figure a ruler body type woman has.

Keep your outfits structured, balanced, and polished.

stretchy-dress-with-mesh-boots 4-skinny-jeans-with-pussy-bow-top-and-blazer leather-trench-coat-with-ankle-boots

Regardless of the trend, you must keep your outfits structured, balanced, and polished. If you’re aiming to get that trendy oversized style, then forget about getting the timeless style. A great style is associated with a timeless look that can withstand the trends and stand in a lifetime. By heeding our simple tricks, you’ll be able to get a great style without breaking the bank.

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