The Secrets of French Cool-Girl Style

French women are often described as being stylish without even trying. If you are struggling to understand exactly what makes the French woman so stylish, don’t settle for chalking it up to “je ne sais quoi”. While the street looks differ, one of their core elements is the interplay of cool and chic. With the help of some French style bloggers, you can be très chic. So, keep on reading to learn the secrets of French cool-girl style.

Rely on updated classics and basic ensembles.


printed-scarf-with-edgy-chic-outfit-and-colored-sneakers lace-crop-top-with-white-outfit

An easy way to incorporate French cool-girl look into your wardrobe is to rely on basics. The sophisticated French woman will most likely have an elegant pencil skirt or two in her closet. If you wish to update your closet with Parisian ensembles, think of a classic white button-up in delicate silk, tailored jeans to show off your feminine physique, loafers with a girlish strap, and such. Like fashion blogger Alexandra Guerain, you may update your basic blazer and straight leg pants with a chic lace crop top and sneakers. Or, team your office pants with a robe vest like fashion blogger Caroline Louis did. Just keep your color palette modern and sleek.

Opt for comfortable yet tailored ensembles.

printed-dress-with-wedge-sandals white-maxi-dress-with-printed-clutch structured-bag-with-brown-outfit

Translate the classic style into your own wardrobe by opting for comfortable yet tailored ensembles. French women styles are all about comfort and practicality as you won’t see them in skintight dresses made out of restricting fabrics. Like fashion blogger Nikita Wong, you may think of a free-flowing white maxi skirt, but go for a dress with a defined waist that looks fashion-forward yet incredibly simple. By going for comfortable yet tailored ensembles, you could wear even three articles of clothing.

Make a fashion statement with basics teamed with bold ensembles.

checkered-dress-with-architectural-coat red-chanel-bag-and-stilettos-with-leather-pants-and-off-shoulder-blouse cold-shoulder-ruffled-blouse-with-jeans

French fashion bloggers may prefer more comfortable and simple styling, but they are certainly not afraid to make a statement. Like fashion blogger Caroline Louis, you may go for a black and white outfit, but spice it up with red pumps and quilted bag. What makes French women so iconic is their uncanny ability to mix neutral basics with bold pieces, making what seems to be a simple outfit actually a fashion statement. But always remember Coco Chanel’s words in your mind when accessorizing as ‘simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ French women are known for never over-accessorizing, which is something to remember when creating your own style.

Add some effortlessly cool vibe to your looks with stripes.

striped-top-and-skirt-with-espadrilles red-blazer-with-nautical-tee-and-skirt oversized-fur-coat-with-striped-tee-and-jeans

You might already have striped items in your closet. To recreate a Parisian look, opt for a simple striped shirt, a blazer, a pair of jeans, and feminine shoes that will go well with your basics, so you’ll get an effortless French look that is both relaxed and classy. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to get that French cool-girl style in no time.

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