Hay everyone 🙂 Here ismy review for today – THE BODY SHOP’S VITAMIN E NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM

I am not usually the biggest fan of The Body Shop. There is no particular terrible reason behind it, I have just never found anything that I think does something amazing to my skin but my boyfriend wanted to go in to a store recently to get some deodorant so I thought I would have a look around. There was a deal on in store with “bestsellers” 25% off and this product, the Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream, with 50% off. It initially cost £10 but I got it for a £5 and convinced my boyfriend to buy it for me. I had heard good things about the Vitamin E range so I had a feeling it might be worth a shot.THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN E NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM review
My first impression of the product was mixed. I had told my mum I had picked this up and she thought it was funny because my grandparents from Canada use this as an “anti-aging” moisturiser so I started to worry this product would have little effect on my skin. On The Body Shop website it claims to leave your skin “soft, smooth and intensely hydrated” while you sleep. If you have read pretty much any other post on this blog you will know the the phrase “intensely hydrates” is a phrase that me and my oily skin tend to fear. The smell and texture of the product injected a little more positivity into my thoughts though. I am not sure exactly what the scent is supposed to be but it smells refreshing, soothing and not so perfumed that it would cause me to break out. The texture of the product is also lovely. It feels luxurious without being too thick feels silky, leaving me feeling optimistic about the “smooth” promise the website gave.BODY SHOP VITAMIN E NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM
I dotted it in the centre of the 5 sections of my face and the texture of the product makes it easy to massage in. The initial effect is that my skin looked greasy as the product doesn’t sink in for quite a while. I wouldn’t have accepted this with any other product type but because it is a night cream I persevered and hoped for better effects in the morning. I went to bed and when I woke up my skin had a really fresh look about it and felt a lot smoother than when I just apply moisturiser before bed. Also, to my surprise I had no breakouts which is a first for me with thick and perfumed products. I then applied my usual moisturiser and my make up and I felt the finish looked far smoother and I still had a “fresh” look even though I had a full face of make up on.VITAMIN E NOURISHING NIGHT CREAM review
I have now been using this product every night for over two weeks and I absolutely adore it. It has made my skin incredibly smooth and has given it such a glowy, fresh appearance that I have stopped wearing so much make up because I am incredibly happy with how my skin looks. Also, and this is a first for me, for the whole two weeks I have been using this I have not broken out ONCE! This is incredible for me (as I don’t think I’ve had spot free skin since I was about 11) and although it may not be solely down to this product I seriously think this has helped in repairing and monitoring my skin. If you oily skinned like me, I would not be alarmed at the initial finish it gives at night to the skin as by the morning the product has absorbed and really gives a lovely look and feel to the skin. If you have dry skin, this product would probably be even better for you as it is so nourishing and moisturisng which is why I now understand why my Gran uses it.  It is also good value for money as I have been using it generously every night for two weeks and have not yet gotten a third through the pot. Compared to other more expensive night creams, this one is definitely does the most with the cheapest price.
Although I did not pay for this product myself, I will be repurchasing it at full price as I am incredibly impressed with the effects to the skin. Since seeing the effects my mum bought herself a pot as well!
Have you guys tried this product?
I would be interested in knowing if it helps dry skin so let me know