The Body Shop Mango Body Butter Free Moisturizer Review

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter Free Moisturizer Review

I got The Body Shop Mango Body Butter free in Maire Claire last month. I have been using this all the time since I got it, and I’m nearly running out, so I thought why not do a review and share my thoughts with y’all on this product.

What The Body Shop says about this Mango Body Butter . . .

Mango Body Butter is ‘ an intense, creamy all over body moisturiser. Rich and smelling sweetly of summer with added Community Trade cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. Extra creamy for extra dry skin. ‘

Mango Body Butter key ingredients includes Mango seed oil which moisturizes the skin, Community Trade cocoa butter which is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving skin soft and smooth, Sweet almond oil which provides essential fatty acids that help repair skin’s moisture barrier, helping to restore smoothness and softness.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter Free Moisturizer


My thoughts on this product . . .

I love the smell of this product, although I wouldn’t be a big mango lover, this smells gorgeous. I don’t think it smells 100% of mango though, there is a hint of a peach scent off this body moisturiser too I think. Some people may not like fruity scents but I personally do, especially during summer time.

I love how moisturising this product is, more moisturising than any moisturising lotions I think. I also like how it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, although this product takes a little longer to rub into the skin than a lotion I still prefer using this body butter. With this product being a heavy butter some people may find that they are left with a little residue but because my skin is very dry and this product is aimed for dry skin I haven’t had this problem.

Being pregnant I like to keep my skin moisturised at all times, so I use this product mainly after I shower more so at night time than in the day time. I like to use it all over my legs, arms and tummy, I also like how you are left with a slight mango scent on your skin afterwards, it’s not too strong which is good!

Overall I do like this body butter, this is the first body butter from The Body Shop I have tried, and I know I will be going to The Body Shop to pick up some more. I would recommend this to people who like fruity scents and have very dry skin who like a good moisturizer. I do know The Body Shop products can be a little expensive but I think their products are worth spending the money on.

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