The Best Shoes to Wear with Mini Skirts

With spring in full bloom, you can finally wear your favorite pieces – mini skirts! Since you’re sure to wear it until next season – yes, summer – then you need to be well versed with the best shoes to wear with mini skirts.

Block Heels

Apart from being one of the hottest shoe trends of the year, the block heel is one of the best shoes to wear with mini skirts as well. Apart from boosting your height and elongating your legs, block heels work wonders for your comfort. Now, you can achieve the sexy look that comes with heels – without suffering from the pain that stilettos bring.

mini skirt with block heels

block heel attire block heels outfit

Kitten Heels

Block heels are comfortable enough for a day’s work, but if you want to be comfier, then what you need is a pair (or two) of kitten heels. As one of the best shoes to wear with mini skirts, it can give you some height boost – so your legs are slightly elongated as well. At the same time, the heels are low enough so you will still be able to sashay around town with minimal discomfort.

kitten heels kitten heels outfit kitten heels attire

Flat Lace-up Sandals

While mini skirts look good with heels, there are days when you feel like winging your sky-high stilettos. For these days, one of the best shoes to wear with mini skirts is the flat lace-up sandal. Its artsy design adds that much-needed spunk to a simple outfit. As an added bonus, it gives off a Coachella vibe – perfect if you want to channel the Bohemian babe look. With flat lace-up sandals, the fashion possibilities with mini skirts are endless!

lace up sandals lace up sandals outfit lace up sandals attire


Are you into the sporty or athleisure look? Well then, this makes your sneakers as one of the best shoes to wear with mini skirts. A tried and tested pairing, sneakers + mini skirt make a great equation for casual strolls and dates with your beau. If you want to look cool and casual – and still be sexy with your mini skirt, then make sure to wear your favo/rite pair of sneakers!

sneakers sneakers style sneakers outfit

Ankle Boots

Although fall and winter are over, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear your ankle boots. After all, it is one of the best shoes to wear with mini skirts. While it is very fashionable, your ankle boots make for good go-to shoes whenever 1) you want to feel comfy, or 2) your pedicure is in a chaotic mess.

ankle boots attire ankle boots outfit ankle boots

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