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The Best of Nicole Richie’s Outrageously Cool Hairdos

If there’s one thing Nicole Richie is good at getting away with, it’s crazy hair. The actress has gone through quite a lot of new ‘dos and dye jobs in the past and, to be honest, we don’t think anyone else can pull off so many bold looks quite as well as she does. Here is a list of the best of Nicole Richie’s outrageously cool hairdos.

  • STREAKS OF COLOR – Nicole has always been very experimental with her hair and she has photos from way back in 2004 to prove it. Whether she wanted to start a trend or she just wasn’t sure about coloring her hair entirely, we will never know. What we do know, though, is that these were pretty cool looks.

streaks of red

streaks of yellow

  • ICY QUEEN – Nicole mastered the Ice Queen look long before Elsa did, apparently. Nic looks gorgeous in this icy white sleek updo. It looks gray-ish by the roots but clearly bright as white at the tips and the subtle graduation of color makes the overall look of her hairdo really interesting. This is the ‘do she wore the 2013 MET Gala.

icy white hairstyle icy white updo icy white

  • LAVENDER DUTCH BRAIDS – this fabulous look is from Nicole’s shoot with Paper Magazine for May 2014. Her lavender locks got a romantic look with Dutch braids pinned on the back of her head and a cool and edgy twist with statement pompadour-ish bangs.

paper magazine cover hairstyle paper magazine cover paper magazine hair

  • HOT PINK BOB – think a bob is going to make you look way too boyish if you have stronger facial features and more prominent bone structure? Just do like Nicole Richie did and go for a hot pink bob. It’s the perfect combination of masculine and feminine and is perfect for those who think they can’t rock short ‘dos because they will end up looking like a boy.

hot pink hair hot pink bob

  • DUSTY ROSE PIXIE – another ‘boyish’ cut that Nicole gave a feminine touch to by wearing it in a lovely pink hue is the pixie cut. Isn’t it amazing how a haircut that usually looks so masculine can look so soft and feminine just by changing up the color?

pink pixie

  • WAVY BLUE LOB – a lob or a long bob is one of the hottest hairstyles of today and Nicole Richie sported one recently in a gorgeous blue hue. Nicole chose to do her lob blue and wavy which made it look really cool and interesting. She has also been seen wearing her wavy blue lob in a tight and sleek updo which also looked amazing.

wavy blue lob