The Best Belt for Your Body Type

A belt is one of the best fashion accessories that a girl could ever have. Like a good pair of pants, the perfect belt can make or break your look. Know the best style by picking one that works with your body type.

Short-Waisted Ladies

If you have a short waist, you have to be careful when it comes to choosing a belt. Avoid looking chunky by picking a thin belt that’s near the color of your top.

red slim belt

Create the illusion of a longer torso by placing your slim belt below your natural waistline.

jumpsuit and looped belt

Stay away from belts that clash with your top. Avoid thick belts as well.

Long-Waisted Women

If you have a long waist, then make sure to go against the rules for short-waisted women. That means wearing a belt that counters the color of your top. This time, the shade should complement your bottoms (whether it’s a skirt or a pair of pants.)

black slim belt

A slim belt is best if you want to emphasize your waist. Wear it above your natural waistline to make your shape more prominent.

Thick belts are perfect for your stature as well.

thick black belt

Hourglass-Bodied Femmes

Flaunt your perfect figure by accessorizing with slim belts. For a stunning look, the belt should be placed at the level of your belly bottom.

blue dress with gold beltcolorblock dress

Rectangle-Bodied Gals

If you have an athletic or straight-bodied stature, you can add curves by using belt. Flaunt a hourglass figure by picking a thicker belt. As for placement, wear it below the waistline and above the hip.

burgundy wide belt

Pair the belts with loose tops and dresses. This can create a sexy shape and add volume to your hips.

striped dress and thin belt

Pear-Bodied Chicas

Slim belts are recommended for women with pear body shapes (thin waist and large hips.) They are best worn at your natural waistline in order to accentuate your figure.
brown belt with striped topblack slim belt.

Apple-Bodied Females

Stretchy wide belts are recommended for apple-bodied women as they can help cinch the waist. Place the belt over the hips or below the bust for a shapely curve.

gold statement belt

Belts should be worn with care and caution. Get the best look by investing in belts that work with your body type.

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