The Benefits of Getting Balayage

Have you heard of the hair treatment called ‘balayage’? It’s not really something new as it has been around for quite some time now but I think that it’s not as popular as it should be. I mean, it’s one of the best things you could get done to your hair, no kidding, and it’s so much more convenient as well. I’ve first heard of balayage from a good friend of mine who had hers done and her hair looked so amazing I was convinced right then and there that I would get mine done, too, on my next hair appointment. Balayage is basically art for your hair. It’s a hair coloring technique that makes use of manual sweeping motions to get your hair looking like it was naturally sun bleached. If you’re curious about what’s in it for you, check out these benefits of getting balayage done to your hair. It might just be that final push you need before you decide to get it done.

  • It’s perfect for summer – one of the most popular things that women get done for their hair during summer time is to get their hair color lightened and if you’re planning to have yours done this summer, go for a balayage instead. It’s sure to leave you with natural looking sun bleached hair minus having to stay out under the hot summer sun all day. If you have really dark hair, chances are that balayage might even work for you all year round, depending on how light you get yours done.

brown and caramel hair

sun bleached hair

  • It’s very versatile – the balayage technique is versatile in so many ways. It can be done on any hair type, it can be done either at home for those on a budget or at the salon if you don’t have the time or courage to do it yourself. It can be done in plenty of ways, too, from the regular two-tone balayage to the subtle style to bold and even reverse balayage. Having these many options may seem overwhelming but at least you’re sure to find one way to get it done that’s most comfortable and practical for you.

dark and light pretty summer look

  • You can do it yourself – no chance to leave the house long enough to get something done to your hair? Don’t fret. You can still have the balayage experience with those DIY Balayage kits that you can get from your local beauty supply stores and drugstores. It might be intimidating at first but just follow the instructions on the package and you should have gorgeous hair after without even leaving the house.

reverse blonde balayage dark to light balayage

  • It’s saves you time and money – because the balayage technique looks very natural, there’s really no need to touch up on your roots as often as you would have to if you had regular highlights and lowlights done because your grown out root color will simply just blend right in. Because of that, you save time (from having to go to the salon) and money (from repurchasing products / having your hair touched up by a pro).

gorgeous balayage hair blonde on blonde balayage

  • It looks natural – as mentioned countless times earlier in this post, having balayage done on your hair makes all the colors look very natural so this is perfect if you want to avoid that awkwardly fake look you might get if you had another kind of treatment / process done.

blonde balayage hair perfect hair balayage


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