Super Hyaluron Acid Moisturizing Make Up Remover review

Hada Labo Moisturizing Make Up Remover Review & How To Remove Make Up :

Hello everyone ! I’m sorry for not updating much lately –  I hope everyone is doing okay ~ ! I’ve been meaning to do this entry for a looong time, but I wanted to take my time to test out this particular product first (I was very excited upon receiving it! After all, Hada Labo is one of my favourite Japanese cosmetic brands), so now that I’ve had my experience with it, here’s to the review!! 


First things first, I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Japanese skin care (and even make up) brand called Hada Labo – it’s a very famous brand! And not only in Japan, but thorough the world as well. Their products are well known for being based on only necessary ingredients as to not burden skin. Also, they are no.1 in moisturizing care!! Which is perfect for a dry skin type like mine . . . Either way, there’s muuuuch more I could say about this brand, so I’ll just direct you to this entry where you can find everything about Hada Labo and why I like it so much! 

The product I’ll be reviewing in this entry is the Super Hyaluron Acid Moisturizing Make Up Remover. As you can tell by the title, this product contains the amazing moisturizing Hyaluron Acid – and it does wonders, really ~!
The information on this product (which is all in Japanese, sadly for non-Japanese speakers) suggests that this product is used for light make up. “Gently & effectively removes all traces of make-up, dirt and impurities while preserving skin’ s natural moisture” – is what Hada Labo says! This make up remover is water-based, and what I especially like about it is that it doesn’t leave the skin with a tight or a greasy feeling. It moisturizes thoroughly (while getting rid of make up and other dirt), and of course it’s free of fragrances, oil, alcohol or colorant of any sort. Very low irritation & super pure! Perfect for acne-prone or easily irritated, sensitive skin.It’s used on dry face (applied with dry hands, too), and by massaging it gently into your face (preferably in circular motions) it slowly and very gently dissolves aall the make up you are wearing. Afterwards, it’s to be rinsed off thoroughly with water. Very simple. The consistency is quite oily – it is a oily make up remover after all. You’ll see on my photos soon!

The packaging is very simple like most of Hada Labo’s products – and I am okay with that! It’s actually quite big, which makes me happy because you don’t really need too much of the product – so it lasts for longer. Again, the price for Hada Labo products isn’t exactly cheap bu 519e t this make up remover does such a marvelous job that I’m definitely re-purchasing it! Just FIY, I bought mine at during pre-Christmas sales w w It was much, much bigger than anticipated.Super Hyaluron Acid Moisturizing Make Up Remover

What I especially like about this remover is that all you really need are your hands. For me, removing make up is a very essential thing – especially after a long day of cosplaying (wearing lots of heavy make up) – it’s necessary for me to cleanse my skin and allow it to breathe, so that my pores don’t get clogged and that I won’t break out afterwards.

Hygiene is VERY important. Besides the daily skin care routine, I try to pay special attention to removing my make up. Hada Labo doesn’t require using cotton pads – which I’m very fond of because these may help spread dirt and bacteria, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. This make up remover has oily consistence which easily dissolves all kinds of make up! What’s more, it really hydrates the skin even during the cleaning process – it’s just sooo awesome~ My skin feels GREAT after using this!

 Super Hyaluron Make Up Remover

After I thoroughly wash my hands, I apply a sufficient (usually a small) amount of this product onto my palm and massage it into my face – I tend to take my time with this, around 3 – 5 minutes. I even close my eyes and go over them if I’m only wearing light make up (it doesn’t irritate eyes at all!!!!) but if I’m wearing heavy cosplay make up, I take a different routine (will be explained later). Super Hyaluron Acid Moisturizing Make Up Remover test

Here’s my usual normal wear eye make up! You can clearly see how it dissolved easily after I simply rubbed the product in. Below you can see a picture where I added water and simply swept off the remaining make up. Normally, I’d just wait until it dissolves on my face and then rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a face sponge (or a towel!).Super Hyaluron Acid Moisturizing Make Up Remover testing

I especially like the pump design. As you can see on the picture above  and on the right side, it comes with a small cap that fits beneath the pump, so that it can’t get pressed when you’re carrying it around with you somewhere – or so that you don’t accidentally leak the product when you weren’t meaning to press it. Very smart !! This is currently my favourite make up remover, and I don’t think I’ll be changing it any time soon. Absolute best for me: Moisturizes and gets rid of all make up efficiently. Plus, it’s very hygienic, and I don’t have to ‘scrub’ my skin to get rid of make up ! !

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