Summer Styling Tips

Summer fashions are ever-changing. What’s in last year might not be popular anymore. Although you still have the same collection of clothes, you can adapt to the newest trends without buying new clothes. Reinvent your looks for this season with these handy summer styling tips.

Turtleneck + Dress

Are some of your dresses too slinky or sheer? If you want to add some modesty to your summer style, then layer your dress with a turtleneck top. Avoid those made of wool and other heavy textiles though; save them for your winter outfits. Instead, follow the standard of summer styling tips. Choose mock turtlenecks or those made with cotton or jersey instead.

turtleneck and dress

turtleneck with dress

Structured Top + Pajama Pants

The weather is so hot nowadays that even your favorite denim pants can make you sweat. So if you are looking for chic yet comfortable summer styling tips to follow, then give pajama pants a try. Made from cool fabrics, they have the loose feel that will make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all! Remember: since pajama pants look formless, make sure to wear it with a structured top to balance the look.

joan smalls black top and pajama pants white top and pajama pants

Dress + Socks + Shoes

A summer dress is playful as it is, but if you want to up the wow factor, then wear it with socks and shoes. While this might be scary for some, it has become one of the most popular summer styling tips in the planet. Go beyond the usual fashion style by slipping a good pair of socks with your favorite pair of shoes.

summer dress, socks and shoes jersey dress with socks and shoes

Embellished Dress + Boots

Summer parties are somewhat dressed down, but it doesn’t mean that you should pass up on your embellished frocks. You can still wear them – and look casually amazing at the same time – by wearing it with a pair of flat boots. Now, you can go dancing all night long without worrying about corns and calluses.

embellished dress and boots

A boost of height won’t hurt as well, as most summer styling tips suggest. You can still maintain the chic vibe by wearing your embellished dress with a chunky-heeled boot.

embellished dress with chunky heel boots

Slouchy Suit + Sneakers

Thinking of a work-appropriate outfit that screams summer? Then borrow your father (or brother, or boyfriend’s) slouchy suit and wear it with a pair of sneakers. Polish the look by wearing it with a tight-fitting top (say tank top or tube top). For the best look that these summer styling tips can provide, aggrandize your look with ornate and feminine accessories.

cara delevingne suit and sneakers slouchy suit and sneakers

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