Summer Clothes You Can Keep Wearing for Fall

It’s almost fall time, is your wardrobe ready? One thing that I look forward to every time the season changes is putting my wardrobe on detox mode. I feel like this process keeps my style updated and my closet clean. With every change in season, I try to stash away the clothes that I know I won’t be using and put them in storage bins where I can take them out of when I need them again in the future and I put in more of the clothes that I need / the season requires. Sometimes, when I don’t feel like going through all my clothes, I just take a look at what I have and try to see which ones I can reuse from the outgoing season to the incoming one. If you like doing this, too, check out these summer clothes you can keep wearing for fall.

  • Maxi skirts and maxi dresses – we all know maxis are known as summer staples but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them for fall. If all you have are sleeveless maxi dresses, all you have to do is put on a cardigan, jacket or a blazer on top for extra warmth and you’re good to go. Also, instead of wearing your regular heels, switch it up and wear your maxis with boots instead to get that nice, cozy autumn-y look and feel.

chic summer to fall look

sweater and maxi skirt outfit maxi dress and denim jacket sweater and maxi skirt

  • Wedges – if you live somewhere where fall is considered a wet season, I’m pretty sure you always struggle with walking around on wet sidewalks, especially if you’re trying to look all girly and sweet. Boots may make it easier for you but, let’s face it, not all outfits look good with boots. At least not all the girly and dressy ones. Instead of sacrificing your style, bust out those wedges you loved from summer and wear them on wet days. They’re going to be easier to walk on and while they may not be as warm as boots, they certainly are just as comfy.

fall wedge shooties wedge shoes for fall brown leather wedges plaid shirt and wedge shoes

  • Shorts – you may think shorts aren’t very fitting for fall but they actually are. If you like to keep your legs warm in the fall, just wear tights underneath or knee high / thigh high socks and you get that instantly chic semi-hipster look. You can also wear it with a nice, long coat during the early fall when the temps haven’t dramatically dropped just yet.

floral shorts and sweater layered top and shorts outfit scalloped shorts outfit shorts tights and boots

  • Rompers and jumpsuits – rompers were really big this summer so letting the trend die there would be a shame. Wear your rompers in fall, beyond summer and simply add a layer or two to get the warmth that you need. If you want something that covers the legs, go for jumpsuits instead. There are super easy to pull off and they’re perfect for lazy days.maroon jumpsuit outfit for fall printed jumpsuit outfit printed sleeved romper romper and scarf black romper and blazer



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