Summer Accessories for the Beach

Summer is here and I know a lot of you will be hitting the beach soon with your family and friends to have a good time but before all that, there’s one thing you need to take care of and that is your beach outfits and accessories. Sure you’ll get wet, roll in the sand and maybe even get dirty with all the games you’ll be playing at the beach but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be stylish while doing it, right? A true fashionista will want to look good all the time, after all. As you know, an outfit is never complete without cute accessories and your beach outfits are no different. Check out these summer accessories for the beach and get your hands on them before you hit the road!

  • Beach bag – you just can’t go on a trip to the beach without a beach bag, especially if you plan on taking a dip with your friends. A beach bag doesn’t necessarily have to be made of woven straw as you see in movies or in pictures. They don’t need to be expensive designer stuff as well. When choosing a beach bag, there are two main things you should consider: the size and the sturdiness of the bag. You’ll want your beach bag to be large and sturdy enough to fit and carry all your beach essentials including your change of clothes and your beach towel.

fun colors beach bag

colorful beach bag

  • Neon accessories – neon always looks good on tanned skin plus it’s one of summer’s hottest trends, too, so why not accessorize with a few couple of fun neon accessories to give your beach look a more summery vibe? When wearing neon on accessories like bracelets and bangles, feel free to mix and match as much color as you want. If you’re wearing neon clothes / swimsuits, though, you might want to consider color coordinating your accessories with your outfit so you don’t go overboard.

neon bib necklace neon boho accessories

  • Sunglasses – sunglasses are essential when going to the beach (or going out in general, for that matter) because they protect your eyes from the sun. Choose sunglasses that will flatter and complement your facial shape. If you’re not sure how to go about this, you can always play it safe with either aviators or anything oversized.

cute rayban wayfarers gold framed aviators

  • Stylish hat – another thing that you should have with you at the beach is a cute and stylish hat. It can be any kind of hat – baseball cap, bowler hat, fedora, straw hat – what’s important is that it can cover your head and your hair so it doesn’t get damaged from prolonged exposure to the sun. Try not to bring an expensive hat as your beach hat. You don’t want that to get wet or blown away by the wind, now, do you?

straw hat summer beach hat

  • Flip flops – they’re the comfiest kind of footwear, easy to put on and take off, so they’re perfect for the beach. Flip flops also don’t trap sand in so you can just wiggle the sand out while taking a walk by the shore. Want an even more comfortable alternative? Try barefoot flip flops. They’re like decorative flip flops that you wear when you’re barefoot so it looks like you’re still wearing slippers.

flip flops outfit purple flip flops

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