Suits to Get Your Winter Whites On

This winter, give dark colors a break and go for lighter hues instead. One of the best ways to go light this season is to wear your winter whites. Gone are the days when a head to toe white outfit was reserved for Labor Day. Today, wearing a monochromatic white outfit is considered chic and stylish, Labor Day or not. Here are some suits to get your winter whites on.

  • OVERSIZED COAT – this chic white skirt suit comes with an oversized coat with an asymmetrical finish. It’s perfect for spicing up your usual office look or even as an alternative to dresses for dressy events like wedding this season.

asymmetrical oversized coat

  • CLEAN CLASSIC – not too fond of straying away from the traditional? That’s okay. Sticking to classics is great if you’re not up to mixing and matching styles and what not on certain days and if you don’t know how to go about wearing a white suit this winter, just stick to the clean, basic but chic silhouette. Though quite simple, this is sure to turn heads.

clean and simple silhouette simple classic suit

  • LACE SHORTS SUIT – need a quick and fresh new alternative to your usual ‘wedding guest dress’? How about donning a cute and girly shorts suit in lace? This is sure to give you a nice romantic look and would go really well with a feminine hair and makeup look as well.

lace shorts suit

  • ASYMMETRICAL SPLIT HEM – another really cool way to update your office style is to go for asymmetrical split hems in your suits. This particular one in the photo down below is perfect for showing off a little bit more skin than usual without really being too sexy or racy.

asymmetrical skirt suit

  • DEEP NECKLINE SUIT – now, if you don’t plan on wearing your suit to the workplace and you just want to posh up your street style look, go for a sexy white suit with a deep neckline. Go as deep as you can confidently rock and make sure that you have a jacket on hand as well to cover you up when needed.

deep neckline sexy suit sexy deep neckline suit

  • PEPLUM SUIT – if you’re looking for a suit that will give you nice and shapely hips, try going for a suit with a peplum jacket top. The flared peplum silhouette is perfect for making an illusion of a curvy waist and hips so if you’re someone who could use some curves, this is the suit to go for.

peplum skirt suit peplum style suit top peplum suit outfit

  • CULOTTES SUIT – feeling a little braver and more adventurous today? How about playing around with shapes a little bit? Instead of the usual trousers that go with suits, try going for culottes. It’s a great way to add a new twist to the classic suit and it’ll make a wonderful statement at the workplace, too.

chic culottes pinstriped culottes suit

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