Subtle Energies Mask & Lip Balm Review

I’m in a weird half-world at the moment where my skincare regime is sorted and I’m no longer introducing new products into it, but I haven’t let the products that I have decided to use long-term to settle in for the requisite 4-6 weeks. My skin therefore, is still getting used to all the new cool things that are going on it.

Two of the new products I’ve incorporated into my skincare regime are by Subtle Energies – their Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask and Kewda Lip Balm. They’re not products that need a good 6 weeks to feel the results so I feel like I’m in a place now where I can talk about and review them in some detail because the results are pretty instant.


I’ll be the first to say that anything vaguely Indian-sounding isn’t my strong point but what I can say is… They do what they say they will, and they smell great. You can’t really go wrong – I’m so excited to tell you more about the products that I’ve tried.

So to begin, I’m going to cover some details about the science and history behind Subtle Energies.



If you haven’t heard of the brand before, let me tell you little bit about them. Founded in 1993, Subtle Energiesis based on the knowledge, experiences and research of Farida Irani. Farida is internationally recognised as a pioneer in reviving the ancient aromatic branch of Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Subtle Energies is renowned for its signature oil blends and most recently the development of a unique natural skincare range, based on the Ayurveda Aromatherapy philosophy.

This much anticipated Subtle Energies skincare range combines high quality unique oils blended with carefully formulated natural skincare bases. Only the purest ingredients are sourced directly from growers and distillers around the world, in particular the rare and ancient Ayurveda Aromatherapy oils found in India. In keeping with its natural philosophySubtle Energiesskincare range does not contain petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours.

What is Ayurveda Aromatherapy? Ayurveda as a philosophy can be traced back some 5,000 years in written texts. Known literally as the ‘Science of Life’ Ayurveda covers eight branches of medicine, including surgery. The practise of Ayurveda Aromatherapy revives the ancient aromatic branch of Ayurveda, using specifically sourced rare essential and base oils.

The Indian science of Ayurveda and Ayurveda Aromatherapy is based on Elements, Doshas and Prakruti. There are three Doshas, Vata (Air and Ether) Pitta (Fire and Water) and Kapha (Water and Earth) – originating from the five basic elements Air, Ether, Fire, Water and Earth. It is said that we are born with an inherited genetic blueprint, or Prakruti of these Doshas within us, some more pre-dominant than the others. When the Doshas are balanced according to our Prakruti, they support the body. When not in balance, they cause disease and disorders. Our skin is the best diagnostic tool to determine this imbalance. Due to over-indulgence in food and an unbalanced lifestyle, toxins accumulate resulting in ailments and ultimately ageing.

This Dosha blueprint is also found in all matter including plants. Essential oils are the Prana or the life force of the plant. Subtle Energieshave incorporated these principles into their unique skin care range, which works to achieve balance and harmony at the individual Dosha level, whilst also nurturing the skin and senses.

I’ve always said that some things are true whether you believe them or not. Even if you’re not convinced about Ayurveda Aromatherapy on a scientific level, the products don’t lie. And the importance of keeping your body and skin in balance is something I’m sure we can all agree on.

The first product I tried was their Dry Mix Pitta Face Mask. Here’s whatSubtle Energies have to say about it.



This gentle mineral-rich mask draws dirt and impurities from the skin, revitalising and conditioning beautifully, allowing a more vibrant and radiant complexion. The unique combination of dry herbal extracts, Ayurvedic clay and essential oils will cool and refresh the skin, while the aromas of Mogra, Frankincense and Kewda will soothe the senses and promote tranquillity.

Ayurveda Clay is a pure superfine clay originating from Multan, India and is a variety of Bole Armeniac or Sugandhi Mruktika (aromatic clay). In ancient Ayurveda texts and scriptures, the clay is described as having a cooling effect and is valuable for its natural drawing powers and mineral richness. Minerals such as silica, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron and zinc, help to revive and cleanse the skin. It can be used alone for purifying and refining face and body masks, poultices and compresses or blended with other clays, herbs and essential oils to make a wide range of skin care products. When used in a face mask, traditional Indian Ayurveda clay leaves your skin glowing, vibrant and radiant.

Such are its cleansing effects of this clay that in India, it has been used to restore old monuments and surfaces such as marble. An example of this was the famous Taj Mahal which was cleaned and beautified with this dry mud in 2002 and 2009, resulting in a fresh new shiny monument for the world to admire.


The Subtle Energies Dry Mix Pitta Mud Maskbalances all three Doshas (TriDoshic) resulting in a harmonious synergy of the fire, air, water, earth and ether energies within us, providing balance to the skin and senses

Instructions for use: They suggest you put about a teaspoon of the Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask into your hand and slowly add drops of water until it forms a paste. I’m a messy person in general so I use a shot glass filled with a teaspoon of the mix, and slowly add water from the tap. The key here is slowly – add too much and you get a runny liquid.

I then apply it evenly all over my face and let it dry for about 20 minutes. If you’ve seen me on Twitter on a Sunday night yelling at people for saying funny things then this is the product to blame. It settles like a traditional mud mask.

Does it work? Firstly I should say that with a face mask, you want instant results and boy does this deliver. After just one use my skin looks more radiant, it’s smoother, any blemishes I have are instantly reduced (not gone, but they look less threatening) and it just feels cleaner without being drying.

I let some girls at work try it and one came to work the morning after she’d used it and was going on and on about it. She had much more dramatic results than me – she had a few blemishes that were completely gone the morning after, and had apparently spent the evening running her fingers over her face because she couldn’t believe how smooth it felt. The other two girls that tried it had similar results and were instant converts.

Subtle Energies Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Maskis a mask that does what it says it’s going to do. I mean hell, if it can restore the exterior of the Taj Mahal, my skin can’t be too far behind, can it?

My favourite thing after using it – besides the incredible effectiveness – is the smell. It’s like someone dipped my face into a relaxing spa-world. It’s not overwhelming – it’s just a delicious, light, incense-like scent that stays for hours without being overpowering.

I use it once a week but you can use it fortnightly.

The next Subtle Energies product I’ve been using is their Kewda Lip Balm.



Enriching and moisturising, the Subtle Energies Kewda Lip Balm softens and protects lips against dryness, cracking and the elements. Suitable for vegans, the rich dreamy essence of the Subtle Energies Kewda Lip Balm will enhance your inner harmony, sensuality and beauty. The lip balm has a rich, thick butter base and a sweet aroma commonly found in Indian perfumes.

Benefits of the Subtle Energies Kewda Lip Balm:

  • Enriching
  • Hydrating
  • Helps damaged lips recover
  • Nourishing

I’ve been using Subtle Energies Kewda Lip Balm daily and very regularly over the last two weeks. When I first got it I was constantly smelling it – and I mean constantly. Every few minutes for a while there. It has the most interesting, incense-like scent. 

I’m not a huge fan of incense – and I don’t use it in my house – but for some reason the smell of this lipbalm (and the mud mask on a lesser level) is something I love and nothing short of amazing. It’s really soothing.

In terms of the lip balm itself, it has a different texture than a lot of lip balms I’m used to – to be honest it’s probably just the lack of silicone and vaseline! The texture is… I want to say chalky but I know that isn’t the right word. It’s just different, but I quite like it. It keeps my lips moisturised, protected, and happy.

The one downside is that my boyfriend doesn’t like the taste. I quite like it but he point blank refuses to kiss me if I’m wearing it, and will wipe it off his lips if it inadvertently happens.

If I broke up with him, I’d absolutely repurchase this lip balm and wear it all the time. As it is, Kewda Lip Balm is a 9-5 lip balm for me.

Subtle Energies make another one though that I’m quite keen to try once this one runs out. Rose Petal Lip Balm (RRP $22.00) – Enriching and moisturising, Rose Petal Lip Balm softens and protects against dryness, cracking and the elements, leaving a sweet and woody aroma for you to enjoy. I have a feeling he wouldn’t complain if I had this one on!

The Verdict? Provided you like the smell (and really, why wouldn’t you?) these are a must-have and so easy to slot into any existing skincare routine. Everyone needs a mud mask and lip balm.

They’re especially good if you like natural-but-effective products that are free of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours.

Cost & Availability?
Australia: Dry Mix Pitta Face Mud Mask retails for $52.80 and Kewda Lip Balm is $22 from Adorebeauty (who ship internationally)

UK, US & other countries: The Subtle Energies website has an extensive list of stocklists and spas where you can buy their products. Otherwise like I said Adorebeauty do ship overseas.

Full Disclosure: These products were provided for review.

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