Stylish Ways to Wear Your Tank Tops with Charlotte Bridgeman

Tank tops are one of the most classic and versatile pieces that can take you from day to night. From Melbourne, Australia, Charlotte Bridgeman is a fashion blogger known for her simple and classic style featuring the most basic and versatile pieces like button down shirts, pencil skirts, tank tops, culottes and such creating sophisticated and effortless looks. Started her blog Winston & Willow in 2013, Charlotte documents her personal style with some inspirations and lifestyle she has. So, whether you’re going for a weekend brunch, out-of-town, or beach, keep on scrolling to wear your tank tops stylishly.

backless tank top with chic shorts

breezy tank top with printed pants crop top with striped shorts cropped tank top with mini skirt

There are lots of tank top styles that you may go for to suit your lifestyle and fashion taste. Styles like spaghetti, racerback, halter, and cropped look perfect for sexy and breezy looks while “henley” style with buttons looks more conservative and casual. If you’re looking for a breezy outfit for casual walks in the town or strolling at the beach, opt for a cropped tank top and striped shorts topping your looks with a cool hat like Charlotte did. Apart from cotton, tank tops are now available in wool, chambray, chiffon, and even lace that can make your simple style look more stylish and classy.

crop top with midi skirt cropped tank top with sexy skirt lace crop top with pencil skirt white crop top with pencil skirt

For a sexy statement, go for cropped tank tops and pair it with midi or maxi skirt to balance its sexiness. Like Charlotte, you may pick a cropped tank top that has a flattering neckline for your face and pair it with a midi pencil skirt or midi full skirt. An hour glass and a pear-shaped woman look perfect in pencil skirt as long as it falls on the thinnest part of your legs. If you’re skinny and wish for more volume, go for full skirts and circle skirts that can create an additional weight on your bottom visually.

culottes with tank top and clogs halter tank top with skirt tank top with blue pants tank top with gray pencil skirt tank top with pastel skirt and brightly colored snadals

For a sophisticated and chic style, you may opt for dressier versions of tank tops and pair it with your dress pants, skirts, culottes, and shorts. Always keep the balance and proportion in your outfits by teaming your revealing tank tops with longer bottom pieces, though conservative tank tops can be worn with sexy bottoms. Like Charlotte, you may think of wearing a patterned and chic tank top with conservative neckline and pair it with a dressy pair of trousers that can make your look smart casual perfect for casual meetings.

casual outfit with lace up sandals denim skirt with tank top and denim jacket gray tank top with skinny trousers tank top with jacket and jeans tank top with printed pants

Tank tops can make you outfit casual or dressy depending on what kind of fabric and style you’re going for, as well as the ensembles that you’re going to wear with them. Denim skirt and denim pants can create a casual cool vibe when worn with tank tops, while printed pants and leather trousers will make them look dressier and more stylish. To spice up your casual looks, trade your ballet flats with classic pumps and lace up sandals to make them look more alluring and fashionable.

sexy top with blazer and pants sailor style blazer with black pants patterned pants with tank top and blazer female tuxedo with tank top and boots

To make your tank tops look more conservative and chic, pair them with stylish blazer, tuxedo, leather jacket, classic coat, sailor jacket and such. If you wish for a borrowed from boys style but don’t want it to look too masculine, then simply opt for a plain tank top, dressy shorts, and female tuxedo and polish your looks with dressy boots like Charlotte did. This way, you’re making your tank tops beyond its expected looks.

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