Stylish Ways to Wear Moto Vest

Traditionally worn by pilots, policemen, and motorcycle riders as a protective military garment, moto vests have eventually became popular among women for giving their feminine style some edge. Nowadays, the fashion industry had its way with the original design resulting in cropped and stylish cuts to fit women’s body in a flattering way. If you find wearing moto vest quite perplexing, keep on reading for stylish ways to wear moto vest.

white jeans with moto vest

studded moto vest with casual outfit jeans and tee with moto vest jeans with moto vest

Leather moto vests are probably the most common though you can still find in fabrics such as denim, silk, and cotton. Laid-back weekend outfits are the best, but sometimes you may wish to jazz things up. For a casual street style, leather moto vest is perfect for working a model-off-duty look in an effortless way. Just pair your vest with tank tops or basic tee and jeans. For “Texas tuxedo” look, wear your denim motorcycle vest with any casual pants like army green cargo pants, but avoid jeans with a denim jacket. A great thing about moto vest, when your arms do get cold and you decide to throw on a cargo jacket, you won’t have to deal with super bulky sleeve layers.

maxi dress with moto vest maxi lace dress with moto vest sophisticated outfit with moto vest edgy boots with dress and moto vest

A moto vest can also work as a sophisticated piece whether you’re aiming for sophisticated-and-chic, girly-and-sweet, and sexy looks. A motorcycle jacket does not have to come across as mannish. Pulling off a romantic look in a moto vest is mostly a matter of attitude and courage, but the right outfit elements help a great deal. You could nail a monochrome dressing by wearing a white maxi dress with a cream moto vest and boots. You may look for feminine details on your outfit such as lace, ruffles, bows, and such to make it look womanly. Even when sticking to black moto vest, it is very easy to feminize the look by wearing a short polka dots dress or a floral print dress with feminine shoes and accessories.

all black edgy outfit all black outfit with white moto vest edgy outfit with moto vest moto vest with all black outfit sheer top with moto vest and skirt

If you’re looking to give some edge to your girls’ night outfit, you may opt for a sheer top and throw on a moto vest so you wouldn’t feel so exposed. The moto vest also helps to create a flattering silhouette for you if you don’t own an hourglass figure. You could wear leather on leather style such as wearing a pair of leather trousers or leather shorts with your moto vest or keeping your outfit all-black. Slim, fitted styles of moto vest are perfect for working a modern look while oversized boyfriend fit moto vests can look more 1980s punk.

boho dress with moto vest boho outfit with moto vest

If you’re eager to try out the ’70s-inspired trend looking earthy and bohemian, you may go for bohemian style dresses with flowing fabrics and tribal prints as well as fringed and tasseled bags and boots. The traditional moto vest is black leather, but black is not a big color in bohemian wardrobes so you may also go for earthy shades like brown, forest green, rust and such that are good alternatives to blend in the hippie clothing. If you’re feeling bold, add a floppy wool hat to complete the bohemian look.

striped dress with moto vest preppy outfit with moto vest preppy chic outfit with moto vest

The combination and balance of textures can work to create stylish trends and aesthetics. For a classic and preppy style, go for basic staples like cotton turtlenecks, sweaters, jumpsuits, button-down shirts, basic tee and such for making the rest of the outfit look natty and proper. If black is not your ideal color, check out some moto vests in tan, beige, gray, or other classic colors. You may also consider the hem length when it comes to how to style a moto vest as most of them end at the natural waist that’s perfect for teaming with dresses and pants. However, if you’re wearing high-waisted garments, go for a cropped style to show off your waist and maintain that cinched silhouette.



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