Stylish Ways to Wear Frayed Denim

Denim trends come and go so quickly that it’s almost exhausting to keep up with them. Frayed denim has risen to popularity around the mid to late ’90s and now going back on the runway, but in the chicest way possible. The artfully destroyed edges seem like artisan touches is the sartorial equivalent of a messy chignon that we’ve been hunting for. Looking for some sleek and polished ways to wear the undone edge? Keep on scrolling for stylish ways to wear frayed denim.

Frayed Denim Top

frayed denim with sleek coat

frayed denim top with jeans asymmetrical frayed denim with skirt frayed top with pants

Denim tops are great for channeling of that laid-back and cool vibe for your casual street style. Frayed styles make your typical street wear more stylish and trendy. You’ve got two ways to go with wearing a frayed denim top. You could go for a layered look like topping a knitted sweater or wool jacket with your frayed top to introduce some texture and leave the undone edges visible. Or, wear something entirely fancy such as an asymmetrical denim top with frayed-edge ruffles and pair it with a sleek pair of pants. Either way, you’d keep the focus on the frays by picking garments in solid colors.

Frayed Denim Jeans

cuffed jeans with sexy top frayed jeans with leather jacket frayed jeans with shirt frayed jeans with sweater frayed jeans with white top

Jeans are probably the most worn-out garment to be frayed and the first one that come to mind when frayed is involved. Be creative wearing those frayed jeans by picking a complimentary top with them. For instance, a pair of fitted frayed jeans will look good in a preppy or sleek outfits like sweaters, button down shirts, structured tops, and even feminine tops. On the other hand, loose pants such as boyfriend jeans would look best with a leather jacket to look extremely cool and stylish. If you feel frayed detail is too much casual for your setting, feel free to cuff it to tame it ragged looks.

Frayed Denim Shorts and Skirt

frayed denim short with sweater frayed denim skirt with classic top

Frays themselves dress down whatever outfit you are wearing. However, frayed denim shorts give off a more casual and ragged feel to an outfit than frayed skirts. When you want some edgy and laid-back vibe, go for frayed shorts or cutoff frayed ones. On the other hand, frayed skirts channel more feminine and cool vibe that can take you from day to night. If you may, you could wear sheer tights that bring attention to the frayed hemline without losing the cool looks of the entire outfit. Tank top and a pair of comfy flat sandals are the easiest pieces to pair with a frayed denim skirt for a casual outfit, but feel free to make them dressier by picking dressier top or chic accessories.

Frayed Denim Dress

frayed head to toe denim frayed denim jacket with casual outfit frayed denim dress frayed denim dress with preppy accessories

Whether it’s boxy in shape or form-fitting, a frayed denim dress needs no more additional beautification help from accessories as the dress itself is a statement already meant for flaunting in the streets. Just complement them with casual cool accessories like sneakers, Birkenstock sandals, boots, baseball caps, sports bags, cool sunglasses and anything that can help you to achieve the desired look. If you want a bolder statement, wear a pair of frayed denim pants with your short frayed dress to keep the theme going.





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