Stylish Ways to Wear Crochet

When you hear the word crochet, what comes to your mind? Well, my grandmother loved to crochet all sorts of things from pillow covers to beanies and all that jazz so when I hear crochet, I think about spools of yarn looped and loomed over and over again to create something useful. Today, though, crochet is more than just a hobby – it’s one of the biggest things in fashion and we couldn’t be happier about it being one of summer’s hottest trends. You don’t need to know how to crochet to wear a crocheted piece. You can simply buy one from your favorite store and style it like a star. Here are some ideas for stylish ways to wear crochet.


  • Bikini cover up – need a cute cover up for the beach that’s truly unique and sexy? How about using a crocheted cover up instead of the traditional ones? Crocheted bikini cover ups are great if you want something that wouldn’t keep you warm at all. It’s airy, breezy and super easy to style, too! You can wear it on its own or with a colorful sarong, depending on what cover up style you can get your hands on.crochet beach cover up

sexy cover up crochet red crochet cover up

  • Top – want a more ornate alternative to the good ol’ girly lace top? Why not try wearing a crocheted top instead? I’ve seen so many beautiful crocheted tops from stores like Forever 21 and I’m truly amazed at the workmanship that went in to crocheting each top, even if it wasn’t entirely handmade. Crocheted crop tops are super hot, too, and they’re even more perfect for summer, especially when worn with denim shorts.crochet top with jeans

white crocheted top top crochet accentscrochet top and maxi skirt

  • Skirt – skirts are always great if you want to create a soft and feminine look but you know what would make an even daintier look? Crocheted skirts. I just love how a nice crocheted skirt gives any outfit an instant hint of romance. If you happen to find an eyelet style crocheted skirt, don’t be intimidated. You can wear shorts or a shorter skirt underneath so you can be fully covered.

cream crochet skirt crocheted maxi skirt

Crochet shrorts:

pastel crochet shorts crochet  shorts

  • Accents and details – are you a big DIY girl? I, myself, love making crafts because it’s so relaxing and therapeutic and it’s such a productive way to make use of your spare time as well. If you know how to crochet but can’t stand to do it for days, you can always just make tiny little cute crocheted appliqués that you can stick and sew on things to make them prettier. I find that adding crocheted appliqué to anything, even the plainest and simplest item, can make it look instantly more fab.

cute collar crochet crochet pocket on dress

  • Shawl  – another cold weather crocheted must have is a scarfor shawl. What I like about crocheted scarves and shawles  is that they’re really warm and chunky so they’re perfect for cold nights. Crocheted shawles also add interesting texture to your outfit so it makes it look more interesting in general.bohemian shawl crochet beacj shawl crochet shawl
    • Hat – a crocheted hat is something everyone could use during the colder fall and winter months. Most crocheted hats are created beanie-like so they’re snug and they keep your head warm when it’s cold outside. They also make a great cover up for a bad hair day.

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