Stylish and Functional Ways to Wear Belts

Whether you’re accessorizing your slouchy boyfriend jeans or belting a shapeless dress, belts can truly make or break your outfit. So, keep on scrolling to get some fashion tricks to make sure your belt is as stylish as it is functional.

chanel gold belt with black dress

cute bow belt with brocade skirt and black top gold belt with black jumpsuit gold chain belts

As a statement accessory, belts can easily spice up your plain outfit. Of all the belt styles, gold belts are definitely a great statement especially when you’re wearing a plain and monochrome outfit. You may go for gold chain belts or wide gold belts that look best with a black backdrop. Though traditionally belts are being matched with bags, it’s optional today and you can mismatch it all as long as you keep your belts do the talking. Aside from gold belts, ones with unique features, designs, styles, and even knots are great for dressing up your simple outfit.

belt with neoprene dress dress pants with button down shirt gold belt with avant garde outfit yellow outfit with gold mules

You may wear belts to accentuate and define curves especially when you’re wearing an oversized or seemingly shapeless garment. Belts can make a shirt dress work by revealing your feminine curves in a stylish way to give you a sexy figure. Though belts are great for styling your shapeless garments, sometimes it is about cinching with the belt that makes it work. You may simply experiment knotting belts for a trendier look since the trend is popping up everywhere. When aiming for this style, just keep in mind that you have to buy one size larger than your actual size so that there is enough space to knot it properly.

chain belt with brocade blazer and jeans pastel pink belt with color blocked dress statement belt with an all white outfit wide belt with cute dress wide belt with striped dress

Belts are great for giving some harmony and design to your outfit by complementing it rather than overpowering it. For instance, when you’re wearing a color-blocked dress, you may opt for a belt similar to the shades of your dress to complete the looks. Also, a striped dress can be complemented by a wide belt of the same color of your stripes. When aiming for an all-white or all-black look, just team the color of your belt with the color of your dress. This way, your belt gives some texture and dimension to your outfit while keeping its theme and style.

cute dress with leggings knitted dress with chain belt military dress coat with statement belt thin belt with maxi dress woven belt with gray outfit

Belts can serve as a breather especially when you’re into mixing prints or wearing monochrome palette. Sometimes, when the two prints meet, they need a breather to avoid looking too busy or cluttered as the eyes needs a solid color in between them to make sense of it all and perceive it appealing. The same rule applies when wearing a single colored maxi dress or an all over printed dress.

belt with a dress and skirt belt with blazer and skirt belt with knitted coat and leggings blue blazer with miniskirt cardigan with dress

Though wearing more layers can create a bulky and baggy look, belts can fix them in an instant. When wearing a dress with a blazer or blouse with a cardigan, a belt will look stunning by giving you a slender waist in a layered look. Instead of wearing a long cardigan on your t-shirt or an oversized sweater alone, wear some belt to help you hold it all together and look gorgeous at the same time. This way, it keeps your style unique yet impressive.

belt with white jeans and blazer cowboy belt with casual outfit yellow belt with casual outfit

Also, belts can easily dress up your casual outfit like jeans and basic tee. It is very casual and ordinary until you choose to add a thoughtful belt to it. Though other accessories may add up to the chic effect, belting it up is the quickest fix to make things work.

Indeed, belts are not only functional but stylish too. So, you got to give your belt some credit right, because it makes a plain and boring outfit work. Make your most ordinary outfit look interesting and jazz up your everyday style with belts.


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