Styling Tips to Make Legs Look Longer

If there’s anything a lot of women would like to have, it’s longer legs. Longer legs just make dressing up easier. You can strut your stuff in cute shorts and wear pretty dresses all day long without worrying about whether you look shorter or stubby or whatnot. Unless you’re willing to spend tons of money for surgery to get longer legs, there’s really no other way that you can actually and literally make them longer. The good news, though, is that there are ways that you can make your legs look longer and that is by wisely choosing the clothes and shoes that you wear. If you’re wondering how to dress up to look like you have supermodel legs, check out these styling tips to make legs look longer.

  • Walk around in nude heels – nude heels are the best kind of shoes you could ever go for if you’re trying to make your legs look longer. It would also help heaps if you could get nude shoes that have a pointy toe as it helps in the elongating effect. The key to making this styling trick work its magic is to choose shoes in a nude color that closely, if not exactly, matches your skin tone. This will create the illusion of an unbroken line from your legs to the tip of your shoes. It sort of tricks the eye into believing that the shoe is part of / an extension of your legs.

perfect nude heels

chic summer outfit with nude heels

  • Wear vertical stripes on pants – so they’re not very office-friendly but, hey, they make a great statement for your street style looks! Vertically striped pants give the illusion of longer legs so reach for a pair if you’re trying to make those legs look fab.

striped pants outfit black and white stripes

  • Wear flared pants with wedges – I know how much you love your skinny  jeans and, quite honestly, they do a pretty good job in making your legs look a bit longer too, especially when paired with heels but if you want your legs to really look a lot longer than they actually are, opt for well-fitting flared pants instead and pair them up with wedges. You can also wear them with heels or platforms if you’re not a fan of wedges. This is the styling trick that Rachel Zoe often uses to boost her height and that’s why she doesn’t seem so short even though she’s really petite.

pants to look tall flared pants and wedges

  • Give high-waisted bottoms a try – they’re super hot and on-trend right now anyway so why not? High waisted bottoms, be it shorts, pants, skirt, shorts or bikinis, makes it look like you have a higher waistline and a longer lower torso which is why it makes your legs look longer as well. To get the most out of this trick, tuck your top in when wearing high waisted bottoms. It makes such a huge difference when you do.

tailored shorts outfit high waisted palazzo

  • Pants and shoes of the same color – if you’re deciding on what pants and shoes to wear, try to pick them in the same color. This trick works just about the same as wearing nude heels. It also tricks the eye into seeing just one continuous line so your legs appear longer and you look taller.

long legs black pants and shoes


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