Styling Tips for Hiding Muffin Tops

Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your body and how often you go to the gym, you’ll gain weight whether you like it or not and sometimes, too, when you gain weight, muffin tops start to appear. Muffin tops are unsightly and unflattering and while there’s nothing wrong with gaining a few couple of pounds every now and then (as long as you shed it off afterwards), you’ll want to conceal them and make them to look the least visible as possible while you’re working on getting rid of those unwanted fats and inches around your waist. Here are some stylish tips for hiding muffin tops. Read on and see how you can still look fab and gorgeous while working on those stubborn fats.

  • Wear mid to high rise jeans – low rise jeans are really sexy but when you have muffin tops showing, try to veer away from them and go for mid or high rise jeans instead. This will help keep your muffin tops in place instead of bulging and sticking out and creating an unsightly scene. There’s really no need to buy a new pair of mid or high rise jeans. Just bust out those that you barely use from the past and see if they still fit. I’m pretty sure they still will.

mid rise jeans

high rise jeans

  • Buy fabulous shapewear – just because you’ve put on a few pounds and earned a few more inches around your waist doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with a flabby and sloppy silhouette that doesn’t make you feel as good about yourself. Make sure you still get that shapely silhouette by buying and investing in great shapewear that really sucks your fats in and gives you sexy curves. Don’t settle for cheap brands – they’re nothing but trouble. Check out tried and tested brands instead like Spanx, Shibue Couture and Yummie Tummie.

sexy shapewear curves sexy silhouette outfit

  • Try empire cut tops and dresses – not feeling too good and comfy in jeans when you know you have muffin tops waiting to pop out as you sit down? Try wearing empire cut tops and dresses. Empire cut style pieces usually cut off right under the breasts so it’s nice and flowy from there on which give you more room to move around and conceal your muffin top. You can wear leggings or jeans with empire cut tops and dresses (if they’re short) for a chic outfit.

empire cut dress maroon empire top

  • Go for maxi dresses – are you the girly type who likes to wear dresses instead of jeans? If you are, then you have more choices when it comes to clothes that can help conceal your muffin tops. One really good piece that can help hide your muffin tops is a maxi dress since they’re super flowy and almost always loose fitting.

slimming striped maxi dress purple maxi dress

  • Conceal with a cardigan – if you don’t like the idea of having to change so much in your wardrobe just to hide your muffin tops, you can always stick to your everyday ordinary outfits and just add one more thing on top of it all: a cardigan. A cardigan is a great item to wear if you want to conceal those muffin tops because it’s ‘covers’ your silhouette.

chunky knit cardifan cute green cardigan

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