Styling Tips for a Small Bust

If you’re petite on top, finding clothes that do look great and fit you well can be challenging. A small bust can be both lovely and attractive. However, since not all clothes were created equal, some stuff can look too bulky, some can make you look flatter than you are, or some can make you think like a wardrobe malfunction is about to happen. Pick clothes that fit your body perfectly. Then, play with the pattern, color, and style to boost the visual illusion of your bust in favor of other features so you’ll feel more confident. Whether you want to play up your features or establish the illusion of a fuller bust, here are a few styling tips for small busts.

Play with colors.

nude and blue dress combination

white tank top beige accordion skirt

The colors you wear can make a big difference in the illusion of your bust. The well-known rule of darker on the bottom, lighter on the tops works great in this case. Go for pastel colors especially across the bust as it spotlights and enhances the bust area. Stay away from dark colors on bust area as I have a slimming illusion, which could make your bust look smaller. Go for a vibrant bottom as it will create all essential curves that will make your figure look shapely and proportion. Vibrant colors will look perfect on you, so do not be afraid to play and try something new.

Give attention to more details.

detailed lace dress long dress with ruffles floral embellished blue blouse in burgundy skirt

Textures and details around the bust area such as ruffles, frills, pleats, pouches, zippers or any other adornment give the illusion of a bigger bust. Dressing in tops with breast pockets can enhance the look of a fuller bust. It’s an illusion. The more details you wear is the fuller that region will look.

Be strategic in wearing prints.

floral yellow prints top black skirt horizontal printed dress

When wearing prints, the rule is the larger the print, the bigger you’ll look. While some women apply this to refrain from wearing print on trouble areas like their hips and belly, it can be used to your advantage by skillfully placing large prints on your small bust, amplifying what you’ve got. You can adopt both strong prints as well as getting away with wearing smaller prints, like polka dots and mini floral prints. Horizontal stripes visually enhance the illusion of your bust. Go for blouses with horizontal stripes across the bust, but a dark color below the bust area, covering the rest of the upper body. This intensifies the impression of the stripes. The exact rule can be used for other prints, as well. Complement a pattern over your bust with a solid color masking your belly.

Wear plunging necklines to your advantage.

plunging neckline white top see through low neckline black top

Some necklines mask the flatness of your bust, while others show an extra skin Wear plunging necklines like V-necks and dramatic scoops. Although these necklines do not necessarily make your bust look fuller, they’ll still highlight your small bust to look more distinct. Most women with larger busts risk looking vulgar in a low neckline, but women with smaller busts can wear plunging necklines without the fear of ‘falling out’. You can wear plunging necklines without looking vulgar.

Wear more strapless tops and sheer shoulders to show off your arms.

halter sexy blue blouse off shoulder white top

These tops are challenging to wear bras with, given that the strap of a classic bra will show through. Most women with flat busts can either wear a strapless bra or just go braless. Draw focus to your arms and shoulders rather than to your bust and you’ll enhance your overall style and will look captivating without being overly exposed. Opt for dresses and tops that will accentuate your toned arms.

Go backless.

backless blue dress

While women with big busts need to be anxious about supportive bra peeking out of the open back, you can just take pleasure in the flexibility and style of an open back outfit. Backless outfits give a tip of skin without showing the whole story. In addition, since you do not have to fuss with a bra for support, you have much more convenient than your more well-endowed buddies.

Wear belts to define your waist.

brown slim belt in dark blue dress

Create a shapely figure by wearing clothes that cling to the smallest part of your waist. Wide belts or corsets are one more trick to enhance the look of a small bust. They hang in the waist and make a shapely impression and make your bust look fuller. Also, by wearing trousers with a small flare to them, your waist look slimmer and making the most of the appearance of your bust.

Be stylish on layering pieces.

burgundy layered coat layered outfit pink jeans kristina bazan

Women with small bust can pull off the greatest layered look without putting much bulk to the figure. Layers are fashionable and modern and make a perfect street style. Your bust area will look more noticeable without incorporating looking vulgar.

Love your figure, take pleasure in it and take advantage of these fashion tips to take the most of what you have.




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