Style Tips for Wearing Monochrome

Simple is always best – especially when it comes to fashion. While you might be a fan of mixing colors and prints, a monochrome outfit proves to be a chic yet stylish choice for numerous occasions. Whether you plan on wearing it to the office – or on a date – these style tips for wearing monochrome can surely help you out.

First and Foremost, Choose a Color that Suits Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

To look good in monochrome, you need to choose a shade that complements your skin tone and eye color. Remember, the right hue can make your pretty attributes pop out!

gray monochrome apparel

burgundy outfit brown monochrome outfit

For Newbies: Go Neutral

If you feel like you still don’t have what it takes to pull off a tangerine-themed monochrome outfit, you don’t have to completely abandon the trend. To be on the safe side of things, start with neutrals, such as white, gray, black, navy blue or khaki. These safe yet stylish colors can help you get accustomed to the elegant trend of monochromes.

gray monochrome outfit black monochrome outfit blue monochrome outfit

Fuse Different Styles and Textures

Monochrome can have the tendency to fall flat, especially if you create an outfit with just one texture or variety. Make your monochrome attire livelier by fusing different styles and textures. Make it a point to create an outfit that utilizes a variety of characteristics, such as pleats, drapes, ruffles, lace, wool, and a whole lot more.

black and white monochrome burgundy monochrome red monochrome outfit with leather clutch

Explore the Color Palette

Say you plan on wearing a green outfit – it does not mean that you have to stay with a certain hue. Work on its various shades, such as moss green, mint green, emerald green and the other greens you can think of. This can help create a coordinated yet fun monochrome outfit.

purple monochrome outfit blue monochrome attire with yellow shoes taupe monochrome outfit

Give it a Kick

Even if it’s a monochrome outfit, you don’t have to settle with just one shade. You can give your attire the kick it needs with a splash of color. Sometimes, a splashy red bag with an all-black ensemble can give the jolt that your apparel needs.

mint monochrome outfitmaroon monochrome outfit with blue blazer black monochrome outfit and red bag

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