Style Tips for Petite Ladies

Petite ladies like you might lack a towering height, but you can look taller easily with a few fashion tweaks and touches. Create an illusion of length by following these style tips for petite women:

Be a Maven in Monochrome

Monochrome hues might be boring, but they can greatly boost your height. If a single color proves to be too boring for you, break the monotony with vibrant accessories such as necklaces and belts.

white knee length skrt

all black outfit all white outfit

Look Longer with Vertical Lines

Vertical lines and details can help make you look stylishly colossal. Garments with vertical stripes are good choices, although vertical seam lines such as princess seams are good elongating options as well.

black and white striped coat

vertical stripe top

Necklines Make a Great Difference

Look taller by selecting outfits with V-necks and scoop necks. Not only are they flattering, they can make you look taller as well.

peach v neck dress

violet scoop neck top

Be Cute in Cropped Jeans

If you have extra-long jeans, folding the ends – or cropping them – is the way to go. Just make sure that the end terminates above the ankle. If the fold ends anywhere else, you could make yourself look even shorter.

distressed cropped jeansblue cropped denims

Show Your Legs in a Great Skirt

Showing your legs can make a difference – especially if you want to appear taller to others. The perfect cut for petite ladies is right at the knee – or higher than that.

red mini skirt

When selecting miniskirts, make sure to pick a style that is specially made for petite ladies. If you buy one that is made for tall girls, it will not create the lengthening illusion that you are hoping for.

black tulip skirt

Apart from the appropriate length, make it a point to choose a skirt that hugs your natural waist – such as a tulip skirt. Tuck your top in for a pretty and polished look.

blue tulip skirt

Be Perfect in Pointy Toe Shoes

Pointy toe shoes are ideal footwear for petite ladies, since it lengthens the leg line. Invest in pointy toe flats for your casual affairs and pointed heels for more formal events.

black pointy toe heels

blue pointy toe heels

You might be small, but you can look terribly statuesque like your favorite models. Just follow these style tips and you can look modishly taller – instantly!

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