Style Tips for Nursing Moms

Nursing a baby is easy when you’re right in the comfort of your own home but when you have to do it outside, it can be a little challenging. You know how they say once you become a mom your wardrobe takes a complete 180? Well, it’s kind of true, especially when you breastfeed, since you have to have clothes that’ll make things easier for you but the good news is that you can totally switch back to your pre-pregnancy style once your baby has weaned (that could be anywhere from 5 month to 5 years). Meanwhile, why don’t you check these style tips for nursing moms we have below to help you out with feeding your little one easier when you’re out and about.

  • STOCK UP ON BUTTON UPS – easy nursing sessions start with clothes that let you conveniently and easily whip out your girls when your little one demands it and what’s easier to open and close than a button up shirt? You can unbutton them whenever your baby needs a feeding and button them back up again when she’s done. It would also be great if you could buy a size up since your lady friends are about to get bigger when your milk starts to come in on a regular basis.

cute button up top

white button up shirt

  • ADD LAYERS – the easiest and most convenient way to nurse your baby is to pull up your shirt and just give it to her but that means having to have a part of your belly, side and back exposed. To make the situation work, you can add layers to your outfit and throw on a cardigan or a jacket on top to cover you up while your little one feeds.

bomber jacket and gray top knit sweater and shearling jacket plain tank top and cardigan stylish outfit with blazer for nursing

  • CHOOSE NECKLINES THAT ALLOW EASY ACCESS – if you’re not comfortable with pulling your shirt up in public to nurse, you can always pull it down so you expose less skin but you’ll have to find tops with wider necklines to make this work. Some of the best necklines are boat necklines, deep V and wrap style necklines, and even low scoop necks. These necklines will give you easy access to your girls when your baby needs them.

low and wide scoop neck sweater wide neck sweater wrap style top outfit wrap top outfitcardigan for nursing scoopneck maxi dress

  • DON’T TAKE ACCESSORIES FOR GRANTED – we all know accessories can change the whole look and feel of an outfit in an instant so if you want to keep looking stylish even when you have a little one to nurse, don’t forget to accessorize. There are lots of accessories that don’t only add style to your look but do something functional as well. A scarf, for example will keep you warm and will hide the spit up stains on your shirt in case it happens. You can also use it as a nursing cover. As for jewelry, though, I would suggest not wearing too much, if not completely skipping it, because your baby might just pull and tug on it.

black and coral scarf outfit poncho outfit for breastfeeding plaid scarf outfit

  • GO FOR PRINTED PIECES – when nursing a baby, expect accidents like milk spills and spit ups to happen. These leave unsightly marks on clothes and can have you looking like a slob, no matter how much effort you put into dressing that morning. To ‘conceal’ this, printed tops would come in handy. Having a fully printed top or dress will keep the eyes busy so the focus stays away from the ‘accident area’ and it will be hardly noticeable.

printed top outfit polka dotted button up

  • WEAR WRINKLE FREE FABRIC – carrying your baby all day and having her so close to you while she nurses can create wrinkles on your clothes which can really make you look sloppily dressed. To avoid this, choose to wear clothes that are made from wrinkle free fabric.

soft wrinkle free top gorgeous chambray toppretty outfit for nursing

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