Style Tips Every Tall Girl Should Know

It is every woman’s dream to be taller and have longer legs but not everyone is blessed with such height. Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, not every tall lady knows how to make the most out of their advantages. Sometimes, being tall even makes them feel insecure because they tower over smaller girls. Some would even say that being tall makes them feel less feminine. If you’re tall and you want to play your height to your advantage, check out these style tips every tall girl should know.

  • EMBRACE YOUR HEIGHT – the first thing you need to do to look good in anything is to embrace your height and be confident in rocking it.

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  • WEAR PRETTY SHOES – when other ladies see tall girls, they tend to give them a good once-over from head to toe so having fan shoes on would really come in handy. Not only will your outfit look extra gorgeous, you’ll feel more confident about people looking at you, too.

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  • PULL YOUR HAIR BACK – tall girls often have long necks, too, and if you’re one of them, use your neck to your advantage and make anything you wear look instantly sexier by pulling your hair back and showing off that collarbone and décolletage.

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  • SHORT PANTS HACK – got pants that fit perfect around the waist but are too short in length? Make a small cuff at the hem and wear them with heels to make them look intentional rather than a flaw.

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  • SHOP TALL BRANDS – yes, there are brands out there that cater especially to the tall ladies’ market, if not have special lines / collections for tall ladies. Some of the best brands to look for if you’re a tall gal are 7 For All Mankind, True Religion, Top Shop, Long Tall Sally and J.C. Penney. Nordstrom also has a section dedicated to clothing for tall women.

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  • WEAR HIGH-WAISTED PANTS – high waisted pants look amazing on tall girls so grab a few couple of pairs if you don’t already own some and add them to your wardrobe. These will enhance your natural curves, making you look sexier and your overall silhouette more proportionate.

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  • SHOW OFF A BIT OF SKIN – being tall, you will have lots of skin so you might as well show some off and give your outfit a hint of sexy chic style. Remember to show some skin in one area at a time so you don’t end up overdoing it and cheapening up your look.

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