Some of my favorite makeup brushes

HI girls ! Today i will review some of my favorite makeup brushes :SIGMA ROUND TOP KABUKI F82 ,ELF PROFESSIONAL BLENDING EYE BRUSH,VEGA FOUNDATION BRUSH,MAC 130SE brush .

Hi girls! I thought of sharing some of my favorite brushes with you. I dont claim to have a lot of knowledge about brushes. A lot of people talk about MAC brushes in terms of their numbers but I honestly have no clue about those! I’ll just be talking about some of the brushes that work for me.SIGMA ROUND TOP KABUKI F82SIGMA-ROUND-TOP-KABUKI-F82-brush

I use this to apply my liquid foundation and it gives a beautiful air brushed look. I really love how beautifully it blends the foundation. I have also used this to apply my MAC studio fix powder plus foundation and it did an amazing job. Highly recommended!
MAC 130SE brushMAC-130SE-brush

This  MAC 130SE brush was a part of a holiday set by MAC-Ice Parade. I use this to apply and blend my cream blushes. Works pretty well for me!
I use this ELF PROFESSIONAL BLENDING EYE BRUSH to apply eye shadow to my crease and to blend the colors together. I got this off ebay and do not regret buying this at all.
I use vega foundation brush  to apply my tinted moisturizer or my foundation at times. This works very well for me and I’ve never felt the need to buy an expensive foundation brush.
So these are my favorite brushes. I hope the post was useful for you guys. Sorry about the bad picture quality. Took the pictures indoors.
Do leave a comment and tell me about your favorite brushes!

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