Soap & Glory Cosmetics Haul

Last week i posted a few sneak peak pictures of the new Soap & Glory Cosmetics as i was lucky enough to preview them at a press day. I received a hand full of the products and i literally have been so excited to share them all with you as they are amazing and i just know that you are going to love them.
Just to let you know there is quite a lot of photos as there is a lot of products however they are in no particular order.
Soap & Glory Cosmetics
Soap & Glory Cosmetics Haul
Here is a quick over view of all the products which i am reviewing for you!
Soap & Glory Cosmetics Haul-2
This is the order of my reviews just in case there is something in particular you want to read about so you can just scroll down ūüôā
Kick Ass Concealer
Show Good Face
Love At First Blush
Glow All Out
Face & Body Brush
Lid Stuff Whats Nude
Lid Stuff Smokey Dokey
Soap & Glory -concealer Soap & Glory -concealer-2 Soap & Glory -concealer-3
Kick Ass Concealer £10
Now i know i said my reviews weren’t in any particular order i have to admit this is my favourite product from the new Soap & Glory cosmetics line. This is a three piece flaw camouflaging kit that includes an amazing under eye brightening concealer, an ‘on the spot’ as you need it complexion concealer and a weightless transparent setting powder.
It is available in two shades light and medium and i have medium.
This is a great all in one concealer as the packaging is small and compact but big enough to include a nice size can be used under the eyes and on any blemishes and the best thing is it includes a setting powder which is really great.
This is my favourite product from the new range as it is the creamiest concealer i have EVER used!! Literally you only need to use the smallest amount and its so creamy is blends so far and so well. You can even see from the picture above how creamy it is. The colour match works well for when i have a bit of the old fake tan on but for the winter months i think i will need the light version.
Soap & Glory -foundation & primer Soap & Glory -foundation & primer-2 Soap & Glory -foundation & primer-3
Show GoodFace 2in1 Skin Energizing Foundation&Primer £11
Foundation and primer in one? Fab hey?! This is available in 6 shades from a very a pale porcelain to a deeper dark tone, they also have really funky shade names as you can see mine is ‘A Nude Peach’ so cute!
I just want to say straight away that this is totally the wrong colour for me..i need the shade down as its far too orange and dark for my skin tone but luckily i am still off work from my knee surgery so i have used this as my foundation around the house for the last week as i know i am not heading out anywhere just so i could really give it a road test. Like i said with the concealer it is the correct shade for me when i have some fake tan on!
This foundation is said to give you a dewy, bright, flawless finish and i honestly believe it does all of that! You must shake the bottle to activate the Lightscramble Luminosphere technology it has in it and also to activate¬†the primer. If you don’t shake the bottle it will be a little runny. It has a slight scent but nothing horrible it smells slightly like sun tan lotion to me. The coverage is high medium i like to call it so not medium heavy but a little more than a medium coverage. So great for everyday wear and as it has the gorgeous Lightscramble Luminosphere technology it is great for if your being photographed so perfect for a night out. Soap & Glory like to call it ‘candle lit’
It has an SPF of 15 and gives a dewy glowy finish something i really want from a foundation. I have dry skin so i really cant give my opinion for anyone with oily skin so just bare that in the mind.
Soap & Glory -cheek & lipstain Soap & Glory -cheek & lipstain-2 Soap & Glory -cheek & lipstain-3
CheekMate Cheek And Lip Stain £8
This cheek and lip tint has special technology in it called Blush Boost which brings out and enhances your natural flush colouring in your skin as well as staining the skin for a gorgeous Rosy Glow…which is what the colour is called ūüėČ This literally stains so much so really do be care full. I really love the idea of this and love the colour but i don’t think i will be using it too much as its just not a very ‘me’ product. I must say though i do much prefer that this is a slight cream formula rather than a watery formula in a nail polish like bottle. If you do like the idea of a cheek and lip stain this is going to be a stunning colour for winter such a beautiful berry red
Soap & Glory -love at 1st blush shimmer powder Soap & Glory -love at 1st blush shimmer powder-2 Soap & Glory -love at 1st blush shimmer powder-3 Soap & Glory -love at 1st blush shimmer powder-4
Love At First Blush £11
Oh my how gorgeous is this packaging? This blush is available in one mutlishade brick: Pink, Pop and Pearl. This isn’t a massively pigmented blush but it works as it gives a gorgeous flush rather than¬†a huge load of product…oh how nicely i worded that lol.¬†It is ultra creamy and has a skin smoothing emollient base. If your prefer a much more dramatic pigmented blusher this isn’t for you but if you love a flush of pearly pink this is right up your street.
Soap & Glory -radiance face powder Soap & Glory -radiance face powder-2 Soap & Glory -radiance face powder-3 Soap & Glory -radiance face powder-4
Glow All Out РRadiance Face Powder With A Super Dewy Finish £11
Eeeek i have a little soft spot for highlighters…i love them and if i had all the money in the world i would own millions..i really don’t know why but i guess you have a soft spot for one particular product and highlighter is one of mine so i was sooooooooo happy when i saw this at the press day. The packaging is amazing, the embossed Soap & Glory is amazing and the product itself is amazing!! Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! Shall we count how many more times i say amazing lol Its annoying me so it must be annoying you I’m sorry.
I like to dust this over my cheek bones and down the centre of my nose to give me a luminous highlight. Again it is ultra creamy with a slight shimmer finish but not glittery.
This is another of my favourite products from the new range!
Soap & Glory -face and body powder brush
Face & Body Powder Brush £5
I haven’t ever really used a kabuki brush but this handy brush is perfect to use with the above powders a its super dense and can pick up a great amount of product. Its really soft and incredibly cute. It is a natural bristle kabuki and is perfect to keep in your make-up bag
Soap & Glory -lid stuff Soap & Glory -lid stuff-2 Soap & Glory -lid stuff-3
Lid Stuff – What’s Nude ¬£10
I do love a good neutral eye and i love any neutral palette so i have to say i do rather love this one. The pigmentation isn’t out of this world but it does the job with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. The shimmer shades are fab but the matte don’t have great colour pay off. I use the matte shades for in my crease so i don’t need them to be tooo pigmented anyway. For the price of only ¬£10 this palette is a total steal and perfect for anyone who is just starting out in make-up and wants to learn a neutral smokey eye but with shades that you do have to work with and build colour up. Soap & Glory say these are to last up to 8 hours and wont flake,wont fade and wont crease. They are really very creamy but don’t crease at all. I don’t ever wear primer on my eyes as i don’t really have oily eyelids and these lasted all day for me. The matte shades are slightly flakey but i think that’s to do with the lack of pigmentation.
Soap & Glory -lid stuff-smokey dokey Soap & Glory -lid stuff-smokey dokey-2 Soap & Glory -lid stuff-smokey dokey-3
Lid Stuff РSmokey Dokey £10
Much like before the matte shades are slightly low on the pigmentation front but the shimmer shades are fab. One of the shimmer shades is purely shimmer and the other has a slight bit of glitter however you get no fall out from the glitter. Again this is the perfect palette for a dark smokey eye for an evening and perfect for anyone just starting out in make-up.
I do the Thick & Fast Mascara but i am going to be doing a separate review later on in the week.
So overall i am 100% impressed with the new Soap & Glory Cosmetics line and there are some products here which i will use on a daily basis and most definitely re-purchase.
I LOVE the packaging of EVERYTHING and i love the wording on the packaging its so cute. I also love the names of all the products…Smokey Dokey?? So cute and so different. I love that Soap & Glory aren’t afraid to be different.
The prices are spot on and really affordable for great products with super great packaging!
Soap & Glory now have a fabulous new website which you can find and purchase the new products fromhere.
The new products are also going to be available from larger Boots stores on a Soap & Glory stand much like other make-up brands, i actually showed you all the actual stand in my previous post if you want to check that out.
The new products are already on the Boots¬†website so i am only assuming they are in store now but don’t quote me on that as i don’t have the exact date on my press release.
Hope you enjoyed my reviews.
Do you like the look of the new products?
What do you think/know you need?
Have any of you tried any of the new products?

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