Small Haul – NARS, Target & New Vanity

It’s been a long time!
It’s the last week of classes for me, and then all that’s left is a couple of finals.
School really takes time away from blogging, I’m sure many of you can relate to that!

I’m back today with another small haul, featuring NARS, Target and the new vanity that I purchased!

For those of you wondering, I totally failed my Project 10 Pan. Obviously. I got to six items before I decided I wanted something. I think I would have been good had I not received two of the Sephora VIB offers which were only good for a couple days. I had to use them, hence breaking the Project. Oh well.

Let’s get started…

The first thing I picked up is the NARS eye shadow in Coconut Grove.
This is dark matte brown, that works as an excellent crease color.
I picked this up because I always hear Amarixe on youtube rave about this, and I love her!
Next item is also from NARS and it is the highlighter in Albatross.
I am becoming a NARS addict, which isn’t good! They are a bit pricey, but such amazing products.
I got this because lately it has been extremely popular, and the looks that people create with it are stunning.
3 Leopard Print heels
4  heels IN Leopard Print
Next item I picked up is from Target, and it is this pair of Leopard Print heels.
These have a very short heel, so it is comfortable and easy to walk in these if you want to wear them to school or work.
I wore these last night out to dinner with my friends and it didn’t even feel like I was wearing heels. I also was able to run across the snowy parking lot in them! I was rushing to the car, it’s only 20 degrees here right now!
These are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
5 makeup vanity
Last item is my most favorite and it is this makeup vanity. I sold my previous vanity because I wasn’t a fan of the glass top, and I wanted a drawer where everything could be stored away.
I also like the simpleness of this vanity, it doesn’t have the intricate leave designs, so it will match in virtually any room.
I purchased this from, so I will be sure to let you know how this works out for me and if it was worth it! I’m hoping I don’t have to send it back!

I hope that you enjoyed the small haul!
What are you picking up lately?


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