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Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review

Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review



I couldn’t contain my excitement yesterday morning when this unexpected package came through my letterbox; I squealed with delight when I saw the box.

You see, collecting Sleek palettes has been my adult obsession for the past few years, I’ve got to have them all.

I think I only have one missing from my collection as they sell out so fast when they hit theSuperdrug shelves and I just wasn’t quick enough that once but nonetheless almost a complete collection.
Sleek- Mediterranean and Caribbean palette swatches1
Sleek palettes are great quality mineral eyeshadows with amazing pigmentation and personally I think a great way to collect a great array of colours without hurting your bank balance.

Their newest palette, Paraguaya, is a gorgeous coral creation with twelve different shades and several different finishes.
Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review2

At 6.49 the packaging of the Sleek palettes is well, just that, sleek. No clear plastic, garish colours or gimmicks like a lot of cheaper make-up but nice and simple, quite similar to the Mac palettes but just baby sized.

Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review3

Each shade has now been given a name, up until recently all my Sleek colours have been anonymous. It’s a nice touch but I don’t know how long that piece of plastic will last. I’m sure I’ll loose it in no time.

Anyway here are the colours swatched below:
Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review4

Parfait – a champagne pink.(pearly)
Blush – a milky, pastel, peachy pink. (matte)
Cameo – a deeper coral.(matte)
Perisian Orange – an intense deep orange (pearly)
Peach Gold – a deep peach with gold shimmer (pearly)
Sandstone – a beige with a hit of soft peach (matte)
Sleek Avoir la Peche collection, swatched!-Review5
Bellini – a soft gold (pearly)
Redstone – a muted neutral orange (matte)
Persimmon – a bright orange with a hint of pink (matte)
Tangelo – an intense orange (matte)
Bittersweet – a purpley grey (matte)
Stone – a grey brown (matte)
Although I don’t think all the shades in this palette are really that wearable for my skin tone I think they would look amazing on mid tone to darker skin for the summer. There are some shades I do love though which I wore yesterday and looked lovely, Sandstone, a gorgeous base, Parfait, I wore on the outer corner and Bittersweet in the crease.
 I’m going to attempt to use Blush and Cameo today as blush colours as they’re gorgeous cheek shades. I wish Sleek did blush palettes too, that would be amazing wouldn’t it?
There is also a blush in the Avoir la Peche collection, Pan-Tao, a bright orange and a new Pout Polish in Sugar May, a bright peach which I’m after, it looks amazing for a sheer colour wash for the summer.
I have a passion for all things peach as you know so I love this collection and if you do too then don’t hang around as these babies sell out fast. They are available from the 16th in Superdrugstores and online at Sleeks website.