Simple Banana split Recipe

Simple Banana split Recipe

Fast banana split

Yes, I actually am going to post this. I know this may look crazy to some, but when a paleo desert is too hard to make or you don’t have time,  this is the next best thing a girl has. I will not lie, I think bananas and cashew butter is the best thing on the planet.  When you add dark chocolate chips to that, well, its heaven. Alternatively use Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate shaved on top instead of the chocolate chips.
How to Prepare Banana split Recipe

All the ingredients that you require.

Slice a banana in half and scoop on cashew butter and sprinkle with chocolate chips and pop it in a hot oven (400 degrees) until warm and gooey; about 5 minutes.

This is great with a scoop of coconut milk ice cream or simply top with shredded unsweetened coconut.

Hey, a girl’s gotta have her chocolate fix.