Sigma Brushes – BIG FAT FAIL

There a ton of Sigma brush reviews available online and almost all of them are rave reviews. Well, I am sorry to say this one is not.

I have been getting pretty annoyed with my Sigma brushes and been planning to write a review for quite some time. Tonight whilst cleaning my brushes they pushed me over the edge.. 

First off I’d like to say I bought the majority of my Sigma brushes almost 2 years ago when I started my brush collection. At the time it seemed like a good and fairly cheap option to get started. I have since replaced many of them with higher end/more expensive brushes and you will find out in a second why. 

I’d also like to clear up straight away that I spot clean my brushes with brush cleanser, deep clean them with baby shampoo & olive oil and I always dry them upside down.

Right, here we go:

The synthetic kabuki brushes (also known as Sigmax) have a cult following. I actually really enjoyed them when I first got them too. Unfortunately after a few weeks my F80 started shedding – a few hairs while washing, a few hairs every time I used it. And tonight after washing the brush the whole thing fell apart in my hand.
I bought this brush in July 2010 – so one year exactly. 











Another sad example is my Sigma SS187 (now called F50 I believe)

This was part of the original kit I bought in November 2009. This brush has been shedding like crazy and I don’t know if you can tell but it’s about half the size now because it has lost so many hairs. I don’t actually use it any more and it will go in the bin after this because it’s unusable shedding all over my face. It has also been leaking black colour into the white hairs ever since I got it.

I also purchased the smaller version of this brush (SS188/F55) and it completely fell apart after 3 months (very much like the F80 above)







I bought the SS224 because I wanted to use it with under eye concealer. Unfortunately that didn’t work out because I was not prepared to pick hairs from my delicate under eye area.
I accepted this fact and started using it as a blending brush. I enjoyed the brush so much that I ordered a second one. The brush at the top is the “original” SS224, the one at the bottom is what I got after re-ordering. This is clearly a completely different brush. Also note that this was before Sigma renamed and changed their brushes…







On a positive note, the E35 brush is excellent and one of my favourite blending brushes. Again, I tried to order a second one. And see how well that turned out..
The “original” brush is at the bottom, the new brush at the top…




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