Shorts to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall may mean saying goodbye to most of your summer clothes but that doesn’t include shorts. If you’re like me who loves wearing shorts all day every day,  you know that stashing them away for fall just isn’t happening but can you wear all of your summer shorts in fall. Well, yes, just not outside. There are some, though, that would really take your style game up a notch. Check out these shorts to add to your fall wardrobe.

  • TWEED SHORTS – you can find these either individually or part of a suit. Tweed shorts are great for fall because they’re warm and thick but not too chunky. Tweed shorts are also perfect for creating more of a polished street style look. Wear it with opaque tights underneath and you have yourself a nice outfit that you could wear to the office during casual Fridays.

tweed shorts outfit in suit

tweed shorts outfit tweed shorts suits tweed shorts and sweater

  • DENIM SHORTS – yes, you don’t have to put those denim shorts you loved so much back in the summer at the back of your closet (at least not just yet). Denim shorts are great for fall because they’re pretty warm too. Even those cut-off shorts can still be used as long as you do a little bit of layering to pack on some comfort and warmth into your whole look.

denim shorts for fall denim shorts and coat denim shorts and checkered shirt denim distressed shorts

  • ANIMAL PRINT SHORTS – animal prints are pretty much a fall staple so if you’re looking for a good excuse to wear shorts this fall, go for a pair of animal print ones. These will also give your outfit that chic and sexy vibe, even if the rest of your outfit is chunky and bulky.

animal print shorts animal print shorts and green sweater animal print leopard shorts

  • BELTED SHORTS – there’s something about adding a belt to a pair of shorts that makes it look more dressy and more fall-friendly. Belted shorts, whether those with built in ones or not, should be in every woman’s closet this fall. It’s perfect for when you want something a little dressier than your usual casual / street style look.

belted army green shorts belted black shorts belted denim shorts belted long shorts

  • LEATHER SHORTS – leather shorts are perfect all year round but they’re best worn during the colder seasons like fall and winter. If you’re looking for something that can help add that cool edge to your everyday ordinary street style looks, a pair of leather shorts might just be what you need.

leather shorts sexy outfit leather shorts and tights leather shorts and jacket leather shorts and army green shirt

  • PASTEL COLORED SHORTS – in case you don’t already know, pastel is one of fall’s hottest trends so make sure you have at least a pair or two of pastel shorts in your wardrobe. You can wear these when you want to soften up your usual dark fall look a little bit or when you simply want to get a lighter fall look.

pastel shorts outfit pastel shorts and blazer pastel purple shorts and mint sweater pastel pink shorts

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