SEVENTEEN Brows That Brow Kit Review

It’s no secret that I fill in my brows as part of my daily makeup routine, I’ve not got the most sparse brows going, but I definitely haven’t got the thickest. I find that they go sparse at the ends, so that’s where I focus on the most. I bought this Brow Kit from Seventeen because there was a 3 for 2 offer on and although I kind of was on a spending ban, I was sensible and bought this to make up the offer because its something I am always going to need.

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The kit contains a soft wax, a setting powder, a highlighter, a mini makeup brush and a brow pencil. I use it by dipping the brush into the soft wax then use long, thin strokes around my brows in the shape that I want to achieve. I then take the setting powder and go back over the strokes that I’ve just applied. I then use a different brush to apply some highlighter on the brow bone, just to make the illusion of a better brow shape (all about the makeup tips!) If I wanted to create a stronger, bolder brow shape I would use the pencil to define the shape a little more.
Overall I really like this brow kit. It only costs £6.00 which is a total bargain as it is such a good kit, much better than my MUA one which I have been using. It stays on my brows all day and still looks perfect as if it had just been applied. This will be a re-purchase for my makeup bag once I’ve used it all up although this will take a long time – I’d been using my MUA one for around a year before trying Seventeen’s offering and I still haven’t run out!