Sally Hansen Metallic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo REVIEW, Photos

NOTM: Sally Hansen Metallic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo REVIEW, Photos

NOTM = “Nails Of The Moment” because if you’re like me, then you change your nail color often, so for the moment this is the color I’m rockin’. To see pics and my thoughts about this polish, keep reading!Sally-Hansen-Metallic-Nail-Color-in-Ionic-Indigo

 They Describe It As:

3-D Nail Art in Seconds! Revolutionary formula infused with metallic particles that move when exposed to the specially designed magnet to create an extraordinary effect.Sally-Hansen-Metallic-Nail-Color-in-Ionic-Indigo-review

My Thoughts:

This is Sally Hansen’s foray into the magnetic polish market. Theirs works just as well as some of the other brands I’ve tried that cost much more! The difference with Sally Hansen’s brand is that you get a bigger color selection, it’s more affordable, making it a better value, you get more product and the brush is easier to use. 🙂 All major pluses!Sally-Hansen-Metallic-Nail-Color-in-Ionic-Indigo-nails

On the downside, I would like the magnet to be longer. I have long nails and the magnet wasn’t able to quite get the wavy effect either all the way to the top of my nails or all the way to the edges. You can see this in the pics above. Other than that, the formula for this is fantastic. It’s easy to apply and work with, the waves weren’t compromised or smudged when a top coat was applied and I’ve had several days of wear so far with nary a chip.

The color I’m wearing is Ionic Indigo. It’s more of a blue, steel gray color to me. I wanted to pick up the red color (Red-y Response) as well but it was sold out in the four stores I went to! It must be a very popular one.Sally-Hansen-Metallic-Nail-Color-Ionic-Indigo


  • Ulta
  • Sally Hansen Website
  • Most Drugstores
  • Retail $9.99US (prices may vary)

Have you tried these? What do you think of them? Are they a big hit for you too?

Wishing you a beautiful day!
Betty xx

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