Monday seemed like an appropriate day to start getting into the festive spirit; I decorated my tree, nicely displayed the Christmas cards, wrapped all of the presents and urghh painted my nails.
Not an essential step for everyone I’m sure, but for me if my talons don’t go with the times no season or holiday feels quite so complete.
This year a shot of scarlet and a stripe of obnoxiously sparkly glitter is my Christmas nail of choice.Red-Nails-With-Glitter-Tips1

This look is extremely simple yet effective; I’ve had so many compliments on my festive fingertips over the last few days, yay!

All you’ll need is a red, preferably one reminiscent of Santa’s suit, a glitter polish and some french polish guides.

I used Ciate’s Paint Pot in the shade Mistress, a true cherry red and applied two coats. Before moving on to the tips it’s really important that your base colour is 100% dry otherwise the sticky guides will lift the colour off and smudge.Red-Nails-With-Glitter-Tips2

If you have a steady hand or are more talented at nail art than moi then forget this part but for those of you who aren’t so precise then Nailene’s Perfect Tips are a great way to get an even finish.

Stick one lightly on the nail in your preferred position then simply slap on the sparkles in the space above the strip.Red-Nails-With-Glitter-Tips3

You can use any glitter polish or loose glitter you like to get this look but I had to use OPI’s Rainbow Connection from their recent Christmas collection. It’s my favourite polish at the moment, I just can’t get enough of it’s multicoloured magnificence.Red-Nails-With-Glitter-Tips4

I’m loving my Christmassy creation so much that I can’t imagine taking it off anytime soon and swapping it for anything else, it makes me feel very merry!

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