Real Techniques Core Collection Review

I’ve had my eye on the Real Techniques brushes for quite some time after hearing amazing things about them on blogs and was lucky enough to receive these for my birthday from Sophie. The core collection includes 4 brushes (pointed foundation, contour, buffing and detailing) and a compact case.

I use the buffing brush mostly for my blusher as it’s shaped in a vague rectange it’s actually much easier to put my blusher on; and I can’t even describe how soft it is, I’ve never felt a big brush like it. All 4 brushes are of such good quality, they’re the softest to use on the face that I’ve ever had.



Real-Techniques-Core-Collection-make-up-brushes-by-real-techniques Real-Techniques-make-up-brushes





 I never used to contour but having this brush made me want to start and it really is the most helpful brush to make contouring look as natural as possible. I love using the foundation brush because it is smaller it helps mostly putting foundation on the nose, under the eyes and around my eyebrows in generally small places, these were the parts I found trickiest to fill with my old foundation brush which was quite big and thick.

I use the pointed detailing brush to put on a faint line of black eyeshadow to act as eyeliner, I’ve tried in the past with other thin brushes but none put the black on so detailed and precise like this. It catches enough eye shadow in one dab to last the full eye whereas on other brushes I’ve found I’ve needed to keep dabbing some more on, so it also speeds the time a bit.

Although I don’t use the case they come with as much as I should, I still think it’s a good idea to come in the pack, I’ve never bought a brush set which comes with a case before. For 4 good brushes and the case, the £21.99 price tag is really the best you’ll get for this kind of quality, I can’t fault them to be honest.

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