Real Girl’s Guide to Fashion Week Dressing

Getting a seat to any of the Fashion Week shows can be really exciting but along with the excitement comes pressure. What do you wear? Do you go all out on glam or do you keep your low key everyday style? Of course you’ll need to look really fab and glamorous because you never know who you’re gonna bump into while at the show. Heck, the paparazzi might even (accidentally) take a snapshot of you and you’ll want to look good in that, right? Here’s the real girl’s guide to Fashion Week dressing in case you’re going to any of the shows.

  • CREATE A COMFY BASE – Fashion Week is usually held during wintertime so layering is a styling trick that’s widely used by many attendees (read: fashion bloggers and celebrity style icons). Hop on the bandwagon and build an outfit with a comfy base. For this year’s fashion week, the perfect base is a snuggly turtleneck. Aside from the fact that turtlenecks are back on trend, they’re great for keeping you really warm,too.

fashion week outfit

fashion week gorgeous outfit layered outfit with prints and colors

  • ADD GORGEOUS LAYERS – after you’re done with your base, the next step is to add gorgeous layers. Layers don’t always have to be clothes. Tights underneath skirts and dresses are considered layers, too. So if you don’t want to add too much bulk to your look, you can keep your layers to a minimum.

bright red coat cute outfit for fashion week fab outfit

  • TOP IT OFF WITH GORGEOUS OUTERWEAR – if there’s one thing you should really put lots of thought into purchasing / picking out for your Fashion Week outfit, it’s your outerwear. Remember: you are headed to Fashion Week so more than just something to keep you warm, your outerwear will also serve as a vague representation of your personal style.

fun and chic outfit gorgeous outfit bold statement outfit

  • COMFY SHOES – not everyone is lucky to actually get seats to Fashion Week shows but, hey, getting in and standing is better that not getting in at all, right? If you’re not sure whether you get a seat for the show you’re going to, at least be on the safe side and wear comfy shoes. Winter is the perfect excuse to wear flat boots but if you really want to wear heels, choose your comfiest pair.

sexy edgy look fashion week outfit idea fashion week approved outfit

  • ADD A STATEMENT PIECE – adding a statement piece ensures you that you have a little something that’s unique and will set you apart from the crowd. It could be anything from shoes to outerwear to even just a piece of jewelry / accessory.

bold outfit simple outfit for fashion week white outfit for fashion week

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